Suggestions for the Next Pokemon Game That Could Change Everything

Review Fix Editor-In-Chief and resident Pokemon guru Patrick Hickey Jr. shares his thoughts on some of the gameplay features he feels should be incorporated into the next Pokemon game.

Pay for Pokemon: You pay for extra characters in fighting games, right? So why not, for a nominal fee, say one dollar, buy a level one Pokemon you need to fill out your Pokedex? However, there would be rules involved. The Pokemon in question would have to either not appear in the game they are playing or it was one that the game failed to catch at some point in the game. This way, gamers can’t simply buy high-level Pokemon or just pay for one’s they are too lazy to catch.

Create Universal Trade Software: There is no reason why someone needs two systems or can’t trade between all of thegames. It’s understandable that Nintendo wants the game to be a multi-player experience in addition to the hours played by yourself, but that all went out the window once the game’s world expanded past Kanto. If Nintendo could create software that would allow someone to trade their characters from games as far back as Fire Red and Leaf Green, it would bring thousands of older gamers back into the mix and would create matchups real fans would love. Remember that Level 100 Mewtwo you had when you were 14 in Fire Red? Imagine if you could somehow get it into Black 2 to battle Zekrom? This would be the type of fun the series hasn’t provided in some time.

Provide Better Mini-Games: Dream Radar and the Global Link are interesting excursions, but there needs to be more at stake when you are away from the game. What about a mini-game, almost like how nano-pets were in the late ‘90s where you’d raise a pokemon online, fighting it against other online trainers and once it got to a certain level, you were able to transfer it to your 3DS or DS? Best yet, you could pick from a large list of pokemon to raise; this way no one gets stuck with a Pidgey or a Rattata.

Reward Those Who Bleed the Game: Pokemon is, for the most part, a devourer of time. So why not give rewards based on hours played? It could be items as well as Pokemon, but in the end, the game’s most dedicated fan base would have more incentive to continue their journey.

Real Downloadable Content: Why not add another island to the game after a few months? Or another gym? If other games can do things like this, Pokemon titles should be able to take advantage of these options as well.

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