TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Aries and Styles Grow a Pair

From the ashes of Final Resolution comes renewed hostility in TNA.

After his “pay-off” with the Aces and Eights went sour, Bobby Roode’s problems with the “club” seem to be just beginning.

The faction also has beef with Jeff Hardy and James Storm and pretty much every other face in the company. Although heels, it’s interesting to see the crowd’s positive reaction to the Sons of Anarchy-inspired group.

At the same time, the writing and development is weak. The team lost cleanly last night and after their Sgt. At Arms, Devon said the club doesn’t give away the information of the people they do business with, they gave up Austin Aries pretty quickly. To close the show, Aries made it pretty clear he wants another go at the champion.

In the end, the situation with Aces and Eights is pretty sad. With the success of SAMCRO, this angle could be great. Instead, it’s poorly-written melodrama.

The only cool creative development during the show was AJ Styles’ heel turn. After a year of wasting away as the boy scout face, it was nice to see him announce that he’s not going to be so predictable anymore.
Wish the same thing could be said for Impact Wrestling.


Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky: Garbed in a sexy leather and see-through cat-like suit, Sky was sexy as ever. She was actually better in the ring than she was before he exodus six months ago as well, but it helped that she was in there with someone as solid as Rayne. While both traded offense shortly, Sky won with her sit-out Pedigree.

Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff w/ Kurt Angle vs. Robbie E. and Rob Terry: The faces were on the defensive for most of the match, with Brisco doing most of the selling. Bischoff changed the tempo after the hot tag, but the experience of the heels shined through, but not for long. After a quick tag, Brisco tagged himself back in and hit Terry with a cross body from the top rope for the victory. After the match, a member of Aces and Eights took out Angle’s leg.

James Storm and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Luke Gallows and Unknown Aces and Eights member: Pretty routine match that seemed to drag on forever. Hardy made his trademark comeback and the fans went nuts. The hot tag to Storm didn’t go as planned and the Aces and Eights kept their advantage a few seconds longer. Once Storm got in, he went through his signature offense, but he, like Hardy, couldn’t put the two behemoths away. Once the whole gang hit the ring, Storm and Hardy were up to the task. After a Last Call Super Kick and a Twist of Fate, Storm and Hardy got the win.

After the match Aces and Eights announced Austin Aries was the one who paid off the club to make sure Roode didn’t take home the TNA World Heavyweight title at Final Resolution.

Kenny King vs. TNA X-Division Champion Rob Van Dam: Good match with King ironically dishing out most of the punishment. These two have similar styles and create a fun, wild bout. Things got furry at the end after King won after a Cross Body Block from the top and put his legs on the ropes for leverage.

Bully Ray vs. Jessie w/Tara: Ray was literally slap happy. He threw some of the hardest slaps on a televised wrestling match in years. Jessie’s pectorals may never be the same. Although Jessie ultimately battled back and made for a decent match, Ray was never really in trouble. He eventually won with the Bubba Cutter.

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