TNA Power Rankings: AJ Styles Takes a Turn, for the Better?

Aces and Eights ended last weekend’s pay-per-view taking out the champ, Jeff Hardy, as well as the challenger, Bobby Roode, but didn’t Roode pay them off? Nope, Austin Aries gave them a better offer. So, is the club in A-Double’s pocket, or are they simply available to the highest bidder?

Here’s our list of the TNA stars who gave the fans the biggest bang for their buck.

5: Velvet Sky:
Always a fan favorite, Velvet made her in-ring return tonight, picking up a good victory over Madison Rayne. Velvet may not be the most gifted wrestler, but she works the crowd better than most.

4: Wes Brisco: So, we all saw Brisco turn heel at the PPV, right? No? Damn…it was such an obvious angle…anyway, Brisco remains teamed with Garrett Bischoff, as a psuedo-Team Angle. Brisco deserves a singles push, but quarterbacking a tag team is a good start.

3: RVD/Kenny King:
These two put on a fun match at the PPV, but tonight’s match was head and shoulders above it. These are two big, athletic men who can jump out of the building at any given notice. Hopefully, this feud continues, as these two can only get better together.

2: Bully Ray: What a night for Ray. He confronted Hogan about the alleged relationship between he and Brooke and verbally tore the Hulkster a new one. Then, proceeded to chop the life out of Jesse (Mr. Pec-Tacular, who is starting to impress). Hopefully, Ray can maintain his ass-kicking anti-hero role, as it’s his best stuff to-date.

1: AJ Styles: Is he turning heel? It should have been obvious by his insistence on using the word “me,” talking about cleaning up TNA’s messes and taking his shirt off mid-promo for no real reason. Despite the heel-by-numbers promo, TNA’s poster boy looks to finally be getting back in the spotlight… and when it’s all over, who’s to say Aces and Eights won’t give Styles a little backup?

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