Antonio Cesaro: (Quietly) The Best in the World?

Sports fans understand what it means for a player to “quietly” have a great season.

A great stay-at-home NHL defenseman can go unnoticed for a full season, while leading the league in plus minus.

Antonio Cesaro, better known as Claudio Cadtagnoli, is quietly having one of the best “seasons” in the WWE in recent history.

While things started off slowly, Cesaro’s ability could not be ignored, earning him a run with the United States Championship. What it has become, is exhibition after exhibition of the company’s herculean competitor.

Cesaro has the ability ten times over, but ability alone does not a WWE Superstar make. However, what can’t be ignored is the freakish strength of this man, which has obviously caught creative’s fancy.

Cesaro has spent 100-plus days as champion and has cemented his reign by brutally manhandling opponent after opponent. What began with the 300-odd pound Brodus Clay has turned into a weekly game of “How much can Cesaro lift?”

Well, the game has come to an end.

On Wednesday’s Main Event, Cesaro finished the near 400-pound Great Khali, lifting him with ease.

So, does where does Cesaro go from here?

Let him hold that belt for a long, long time…or at least until he has a chance to lift a returning Mark Henry.

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