The CM Punk Situation: It’s Not What It Looks Like

It’s never what it looks like in professional wrestling. OK, maybe it is. Certainly, many twists can be seen coming, but how many times is that due to Internet spoilers?

Regardless, everyone will tell you that The Rock will end CM Punk’s historical title reign at the Royal Rumble because, well, what else could happen? Could Rocky really lose?

Remember the tidal wave of backlash after Lesnar lost his first match back? Granted, the Internet wrestling community has extremely different allegiance on Punk vs. Rock, but is it worth risking Rock’s return?

What the already lamenting IWC needs to step back and consider is this: What would really be gained by a three-month Rock title reign? What does he have to prove?

Now, consider what Punk could lose:

The title is a major part of the “respect” gimmick that he’s been playing to a tee. Without the record, heel Punk loses his credibility.

When one thinks logically, there’s really no reason for Punk to lose anytime soon.

With an honorable mention for Antonio Cesaro, Punk’s streak is the best things going in the WWE. It’s why The Rock is back. It’s why Ryback has gotten his time in the spotlight. It’s why the WWE finally has a top guy who isn’t John Cena.

There really is no reason for Punk to lose his title until WrestleMania, but if he must, here’s a pretty good scenario:

Punk retains at the Rumble and goes on to the Elimination Chamber as champion. In the EC, Punk gets eliminated early and by someone other the Rock or Cena.

An incensed Punk shows up at the next night’s Raw, refusing to leave the ring, threatening to derail the show. He didn’t “lose” his title, and demands reparations/respect.


Lights out, gong rings. Taker’s back.

If Punk wants respect, he knows how he can earn it.

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