‘Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture’ Review: An Introspection with an Injection of Fun

Behold, a supreme source of knowledge has been bestowed upon us by the nerd pantheon. Stephen M. Sega has gathered together nerds worldwide, to opine on each of their own beloved nerd quotes. Some are known to the point of cliché, while others are exceedingly obscure. Nevertheless, it is a fun read that will go by with a snap of your fingers, again and again and again.

A running theme throughout this book is that one must never underestimate the philosophical potential of words being put together. Whether it’s “Wax on, wax off,” or “The Force will be with you. Always,” source does not determine the words’ importance. You do. This is a book about truly appreciating what nerd culture has given to the world, the breadth of which is startlingly wide and easily underrated. The incredible level of influence that the movies, books, and video games of the geeks has had on our society is fascinating. Everyone, whether they will admit it or not, knows at least a handful of these adages. They are all, in one way or another, the philosophical musings of nerd culture’s greatest heroes and villains. And they all speak to our nerdy souls.

Divided into 6 categories of nerd wisdom ( Self, Relationships, Humankind, Conflict, The Universe, and The Future), this book takes your mind on a trip through the Wonderland of geekdom. Each section gives us more insight into the cultural world around us, showing that it holds us and binds us together, enveloping us in the manner of the omnipresent Force. It brings us together, piercing through any clique it sees like a phaser through hot butter. Pop culture, and the nerdiness therein, brings us together and gives us all common ground. In the wake of cultural divisions, it gives us all something to talk about.

“Ideas are bulletproof”- V, V for Vendetta. “That rug really tied the room together” The Dude, The Big Lebowski. “There can be only one”- The Highlander. “I’m the best there is at what I do. And what I do isn’t very nice”- Wolverine. Thus, and more, are the words of our nerd culture. Absorb them, and allow them to soak into your mind and swirl around you. Let them guide you through life. Count your blessings that you live in a nerd world.

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