Hatriot’s ‘Heroes of Origin’ is a Gem for the New Age of Thrash Metal

Steve “Zetro” Souza’s new band “Hatriot” is pissed. Their new album, “Heroes of Origin” proves it. The debut album features the legendary frontman of bay area thrash bands such as Exodus and Testament (then known as Legacy) joined by a group of youngsters that include Miguel Esparza (guitars), Kosta V. (guitars) and his two sons, Nick (drums) and Cody (bass).

That’s right, the little Zetros have decided to join the family business. It is about to pick up.

The album is an out of control tank that destroys everything in its path. The opening track “Suicide Run,” sets the listener up for the audio beating of a lifetime. Other standout tracks include “Globicidal,” “The Violent Times of My Dark Passenger,” “And Your Children to Be Damned” and the title track.

Hatriot as a unit is a well-oiled killing machine. Nick Souza’s drumming is proficient and arguably faster than some of the drummer’s papa “Zetro” has worked with in the past. Cody also does a great job keeping up with his brother, proving that some of the best band member packages are blood. “Zetro’s” voice is superb. He has only gotten better over the years. Kosta and Esparza compliment each other very well also as they lash out great riffs all over the fretboard. There is not one bad thing to be said about “Heroes of Origin.”

The album contains some of the heaviest music and lyrics of all time. There is so much going on throughout the song it is impossible to ever get bored. Great trade-off solos are thrown throughout the album in the classic Exodus style, revealing the obvious influences of “Zetro’s” claims to fame. One example is “Murder American Style.” From the intro to the outro there is always something chaotic and new happening.

The best part of all the Bay Area thrash influences being heard is that they show how much chemistry the band has. It sounds like everyone was on board for this and the only people who got the job were the ones who only wanted to play this kind of music.

“Heroes of Origin” is pure piss and vinegar, no-holds barred Bay Area thrash metal and is not for the weak at heart. It has the makings of an instant classic and a possible candidate for metal album of the year despite coming out so early in 2013. One thing can be said for sure, Hatriot is poised to strike and ready to take over the world.

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