Impact Power Rankings: Cyborg Edition

The first of two shows from England was huge, as TNA’s oversees fan base is possibly its greatest asset. The shows seem bigger, and each talent seems to go the extra mile.

See who really stood out this week in our weekly power rankings.

5: Garret Bischoff/Wes Brisco: Finally, these two have some relevance, turning on their one-time mentor, Kurt Angle, and joining Aces & 8’s. Bischoff has heel in his blood.

4: Ken Anderson: Finally, Anderson is back in the ring, and with some relevance, officially aligning with Aces&8s. Sound familiar? The club is breathing new life into the more underutilized talent on the roster, giving Ken full reign as Thursday night’s top “asshole.”

3: Magnus: Seems like he should have been first in line for a new motorcycle vest, no? Instead of turning to the club, Magnus looks to get back on track with a feel-good win in Manchester, England. The awesome crowd went nuts for the “local” boy, and hopefully TNA were taking notice.

2: Austin Aries: He didn’t do anything special, aside from beating Chavo Guerrero. He’s still the bad guy and still aligned (somewhat) with Bobby Roode. But he had the Manchester crowd eating from his hand from the get go. Aries is TNA’s first real internationally acclaimed star, and they would be remised not to take full advantage of him.

1: Kurt Angle: After his recent return, Mike Tenay has begun referring to the 44-year-old veteran as a “cyborg,” and that’s as true as true as anything. Angle seems to have no off switch and only one setting (full force). There’s no stopping the brute force and inherent talent if Kurt Angle, as he looks to take out everything obvious path.

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