Impact Wrestling Coverage: Still in England

It seems like Impact has been in England for longer than a few weeks, eh? As much as the British fans offer a great shot in the arm, one starts to feel that the gimmick has run thin, especially with the announcement that Impact will officially begin filming on the road in March.

TNA has been live for a good while now, we don’t need this pretaped nonsense anymore. Lets get out of the bush-league for good.


Magnus vs. Chris Daniels: Hey, did you guys know that Impact is in England? Even better, did you know that Magnus is, get this, ENGLISH!? Magnus starts off the show yet again, carrying over issues he had last show with Daniels. Daniels and Kaz could wrestle a piece of string, and the crowd would love it. Magnus is powerful, and that was evident. the hometown chap ended up with the win as a result.

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle: Angle has his hamstring taped up, but doesn’t seem to be favoring it. In true Joe/Angle fashion, these two proceeded to beat each other silly, with Angle snapping off a triple German Suplex that looked absolutely devastating. After a double clothesline, Garret Bischoff and Wes Brisco rushed the ring, in hopes that fans remembered that they were on the roster, beating down Joe and Angle, turning it into a no-contest.

Party Marty and the Blossom Twins vs. Gail Kim, Tara and Jesse Godderz: The debut of some British Boot camp talent in this mixed tag was a mixed bag. The Blossoms (Hannah and Holley) have had a good deal of press behind them. Marty…well, you see his name…that’s going nowhere in the states. This match proved one thing: The Blossoms. GO. HARD. The sisters handled the majority of the match, both taking and dishing out a beating from the two veteran women. Marty…might have concussed himself on a poorly executed suicide dive. After the match, Gail heeled it up big time, demanding a shot at the Women’s belt. Brooke Hogan made a 4-way next week, with Gail, Tara, Tessmacher and Velvet Sky.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm: Great dueling chants in this match, as both competitors brought their A-game. RVD’s kicks where on point, and Storm’s power and brawling looked great. RVD crashed and burned on a Shane O Mac-esque “coast-to-coast” dropkick, allowing Storm to hit his superkick.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode: Tag team champions fight it out in the Main Event, why? Because this is TNA. If their goal is to hold all of TNA’s gold, what does this match prove? The dissension is obvious, it’s been there from the start. Also, England doesn’t give a damn about Roode because they’re too busy worshiping The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. Aries and Roode start the match by reliving the Fingerpoke of Doom, though neither of them can decide on who will play Kevin Nash. After a frantic and all out match, the referee was knocked out, leading to Roode grabbing a chair. With the ref regaining his composure, Roode faked a chair shot, dropping to the mat…leading Aries to fake his own. With the crowd roaring with applause, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez made their way out to ringside, distracting the competitors. Roode and Aries were caught off guard, leading to both men being counted out.

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