Track Fix: Pauly D’s ‘Back to Love’

Everyone knows Pauly D; the spiky-haired, sarcastic, buff and tan ball of fun on MTV’s hit show ‘Jersey Shore.’ Everyone knows his dream of being a DJ and those who have tuned in to the show and his spinoff, ‘The Pauly D Project,’ have seen him in action. Although he has made songs in the past, Pauly D makes his debut as an artist and DJ with his single, “Back to Love,” which features singer Jay Sean. The result is a positive polymer of vocals and and a polished beat that grooms the track and Pauly D for success in the weeks and months following, a rave hit that will mark him as an entertainer.

The song has an uptempo that grinds against the hopeful lyrics, in which a man pleads for the return of his lover and admits he misses her. It creates a natural aesthetic that narrowly misses the ear and heads for the heart. Pauly D says nothing on the track, working along the lines of David Guetta or DJ Khaled, both of whom are known for making silent hits. The song is trippy, part pop, part dubstep and makes you move, should you stray away from the lyrics.

Both the tempo and lyrics have a natural balance. Although this is one of those songs that is supposed to have you moving in the club, it cleverly imprints the “I want you back” theme into the lyrics. That makes it a good song to listen to when you’re not at the club, whether you want to dance or enjoy a ‘happy heartbreak.’

Jay Sean also adds to this spicy-sorrowful combo. The singer, known for singles the likes of “2012” and “Do You Remember,” sings with enthusiasm; you can almost imagine him busting a move while recording this track. That’s how infectious it is. Jay Sean’s vocals compliment the tempo well and fills the wants presented in the track. DJ Pauly D and Jay Sean make a great duo.

Overall, the song is an unexpected hit, one that should make it onto the scene soon. This track should give Pauly D plenty of support from all the little ‘meatballs’ and ‘grenades’ out there.

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