Fans Rally Behind Mikey Erg to Join Against Me!

Florida-based punk group Against Me! recently shocked fans by dropping off their spring tour with Bad Religion. The band cites their lack of a steady drummer for their reason for dropping, and were replaced by New York City act The Bronx.

The band has spoken about releasing an album in spring of this year, which was ostensibly hindered by their lack of a drummer. Against Me! toured Australia earlier this year with drummer Atom Willard, formerly of Offspring.

After the announcement, fans insisted that the show must go on. Blogs and Twitter feeds were filled with suggestions for a new drummer. Mikey Erg, of The Ergs, is known for hopping between bands, having played for Star Fucking Hipsters, The Dopamines, The Unlovables, Dirtbike Annie, and Parasites in the past seemed like a natural choice. On Monday, news hub released their official support for the decision, along with a petition. They go on to say, “democracy is what makes our nation (and Canada) so great, so therefore, since Against Me! is so great, similar rules certainly apply.”

Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace posted a link to the petition on Facebook, saying it was “cracking her up.” The Internet seems to be rallying behind Mikey Erg for the position. Ticketholders will still be able to enjoy The Bronx and Polar Bear Club while Bad Religion promote their 2013 release, True North.

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