Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 2: Gina’s Dreams are Running Away

Here’s an atrocity to wrap your lobster claws around: another episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

This episode started with, as with any good episode of Hell’s Kitchen does, a heated argument between two of the women. Gina and Nedra got into an argument about the scallops. Nedra accused Gina of throwing her under the bus, saying Nedra was the reason the scallops were bad. This argument ended when Gina went into the bedroom and slammed the door so hard a ceiling panel came down. Just the reason people watch this show for.

In the morning the chefs were awoken by a squad of yelling soldiers. Ray said he felt like he was back in boot camp. Outside, Ramsey was waiting for them for their day’s challenge. The chefs had to use teamwork to scale over a wall to a lobster cage where they have to grab a lobster and return it to a bucket. The team with the most lobsters in five minutes wins.

Before Ramsey said anything, however, Gina announced that she was leaving for “personal reasons.” Really? Gina took this competition that seriously that she had a breakdown and decided to leave? Talk about weak-willed.

Anyway, after the soldiers show them how it was done and Ramsey gave the chefs a smaller wall to scale over, the fun began. Jeremy was just tossing everyone over the wall like they were rag dolls. Anthony landed wrong on his ankle, but plowed through the challenge.

The Blue won the challenge 37-31. However, Ramsey said that this was just part one of the challenge. They first had to go back upstairs to change in order to hear part two. Anthony was clearly in a ton of pain. Despite the medic’s orders to go to the hospital, Anthony decided to put on his whites and continue like a trooper.

For the second part of the challenge, the chefs had to clean as many lobsters as they can in ten minutes. They had to work in pairs. The women started off flying out of the kitchen. The men started off slowly. Jon and Jeremy were only able to get one out.

The women won eleven to eight. Their reward was a day on a yacht with sushi and a massage. For the men, it was fish delivery day. They had to clean and portion every fish they got in that day. For lunch, they had fish head soup and Jeremy almost lost his.

At prep, it was obvious this dinner service was going to go bad. Danielle destroyed three racks of lambs Freddy Krueger style and Jeremy was just lost. Dinner service was pretty bad as usual.

For the women, Mary did not reduce the wine in her risotto- it was the first thing you can taste. She does this once again. “Have you got a drinking problem?” was Ramsey’s inquiry to Mary. Ja’Nel had to help her. Ramsey absolutely lost it and threw the entire Red Team out when Susan made a raw rack of lamb. This wasn’t the first time Susan gave Ramsey a raw rack of lamb; this was her signature dish and she made it raw there too.

The men did just as bad. Christian continually made rubber scallops. Jeremy was supposed to help but that failed. Ramsey forced both of them to eat those scallops before they were allowed to return to their stations. Isn’t it nice when Ramsey punishes the chefs by forcing them to eat ruined food? As with the Red, the entire Blue Team gets tossed because of a bad lamb, this time made by Jon.

Since there was no winning team this time, both had to pick two people for elimination. The Red chose Danielle and Mary and the Blue chose Jeremy and Christian. Christian got the axe.

This dinner service wasn’t as bad as the last one. The last one everyone did horribly and Ramsey was in the right to toss everyone. Here, it made no sense for Ramsey to do this. The mind of a master chef is something none chefs can’t understand. At least Gina decided to leave on her own before Ramsey had a chance to. She really had no chance.

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