Let Punk Beat Taker at Mania

Dead and Buried.

The talk coming out of the WWE creative meetings is that CM Punk vs The Undertaker is all but a sure shot for this year’s Wrestlemania. Punk used various phrases recently, such as referring to him self as “a god,” “immortal,” and “an icon,” obviously allowing him to transition into a program with arguably the biggest “icon” left…that is, if he’s up for it.

Taker has had a very public (by his standards) hard time coming back from lingering injuries (two surgeries) and general recuperation from last year’s ‘Mania match against Triple H. That match raised Taker’s ‘Mania “winning streak” to 20-0.

That’s good enough.

It’s come to light that, as Punk has lost twice to the Rock on PPV, as well as to John Cena on the February 25 edition of Raw, and many of the creative minds feel light a loss on the “grandest stage of them all” would be quite harmful for the company’s number one B-star.

So what do they do?

Let Punk win.

It’s public knowledge that Taker is just as much a part-timer as the Rock at this point…no, even more. Taker performs once a year, while the Rock has main-evented two PPVs in a row and will make ‘Mania number three.

The streak is nothing but a number at this point. It’s a quaint reminder of the mystique that once surrounded the Undertaker. It’s time for it to end.

Taker is no stranger to giving young guys a rub. He reportedly levied to have a young Jeff Hardy defeat him for the undisputed title some years back, when Hardy first showed signs of being the companies “It” guy.

The WWE gave Punk the ball once, and he’s been running with it ever since. He not only proved that he can be the company’s face, he’s shown that he can work together with the company’s other faces (see Hardy, Ziggler, Cena, Rock).

It’s been Punk’s time for a long time now- putting the Deadman to rest would be one of the only feathers still worth putting in the straight-edge-star’s worn and weary Cub’s cap.

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