Letting Go of Superman: Gaiman, the Non-Stop Storytelling Machine

Neil Gaiman is coming back to Marvel comics soon with Guardians of the Galaxy issue 5.

I find this out after already being excited by his new book, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” and the announcement of the Sandman prequel.

He’s even scripting another Doctor Who episode despite having already written the Hugo winning, The Doctor’s Wife.

No man can be this prolific after all these years which has led me to believe that Gaiman is a storytelling robot forged of mithril, constructed by Da Vinci, and co-programmed by Yahweh and Iluvatar under the great World Tree.

As I mentioned before, Gaiman was my gateway drug to literature overall. Not just sci-fi and fantasy stuff. So the fact that I keep finding out he is still writing is a great treat. What might be even better is to find out that Sandman his magnus opus is still good after all these years.

I only bought the complete Sandman series a few years ago (I never owned any of the books, only borrowing from library in high school. Go public libraries!) rereading Preludes and Nocturnes I was happy to find it was still good. It was not just valuable as a nostalgic artifact.

However, there were some silly things that I had forgotten. For example, his cloak was the color of flames on its tips originally and it would transform to things he imagined. It was conceptually cool but visually just didn’t work.

But even after buying the complete series I have not had the chance to reread all the books from beginning to end, only flipping to specific spots of interest.

It is just simply hard to find the time with trying to live an adult life and with other things to read just coming out, some of which is by Gaiman himself.

It is a curse of a fan that’s not really a curse. It means that my coffee table will never be empty of something to read, stacking higher and higher.

But it also means I always have something to look forward to reading and maybe one day rereading.

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