Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1 Review: Dull

In the never-ending quest for quality “Star Wars” stories writers and artists slave away to try to come up one story that doesn’t feel like fan-fiction.

“Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1” is not one of those stories.

In this comic, Imperial Knight Yalta Val, is on a mission to Carreras in the Outer Rim, What he ends up doing is landing in an abyss and discovers Sith waiting for him there. Meanwhile in Carreras, a junk dealer named Ania and her Mon Calamari friend discover a lightsaber and feel it is their ticket out of that system.

“Legacy” starts off exciting like the original “Star Wars” movies and then it falls into the usual pitfalls of “Star Wars” expanded universe stories. It throws too much information at the reader way too fast that it’s clear the writer is more interested in info dumping than telling a story. It also lacks focus in that it jumps from one character point of view without a concise reason which causes pacing problems.

The biggest problem is these characters feel more like minor characters doing uninteresting tasks than major characters with a conflict. The reader feels no reason to put any energy into caring for these because there’s no reason to. Even Val who at first seems like an interesting character turns into random errand boy who will most likely be killed by the end of the series.

The art has some semblance quality in it. It has a gritty look to it that makes this “Star Wars” story seem like it’s supposed to dark and gritty. The ship designs, a highlight of any “Star Wars” comic, are passable is sense. The character faces on the other hand are the low point of the art. They are as dull and lifeless as the story is. They don’t have any life to them and feel like they were drawn on as an afterthought.

“Star Wars: Legacy #1” is yet another bland, poorly written expanded universe “Star Wars” story with mediocre art that will disappear in the vast void known as the universe. It will accumulate with the others and create one big planet made up of nothing but bad “Star Wars” stories.

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