TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Is That Sting’s Music?

Why do Hulk Hogan and Sting get big-time minutes on this week’s Impact, while the Tag Team Champions, Austin Aries and Robert Roode and the X-Division Champion Kenny King weren’t anywhere to be seen?

And this was supposed to be Open Fight Night.

Yeah right.

Impact makes zero sense right now. Although the Aces and Eights have the company on its head- the situation couldn’t be drama-less. Instead of being about how the company can get the upper hand on the heel faction, TNA has chosen to focus on Sting and Hogan.

It’s a huge mistake. It’s one TNA can’t afford to make.

More AJ Styles melodrama didn’t help either. Rather than get Styles right back in the ring where he belongs, he’s not in a drawn-out poetry slam with James Storm. No one cares.

This show was a snoozer.

Aside from Petey Williams returning to the X-Division next week, this show was void of excitement.


For a Tag Team title shot: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Frank Kazarian: A lot of action in a well-worked match. Hernandez and Guerrero threw the high-flying and high impact moves at Bad Influence, but Daniels and Kazarian were at their heel best. Fast tags and excellent interference are a part of BA’s repertoire and they were in full effect for this encounter. They did their best to isolate Guerrero, but once Hernandez got the hot tag, the match was a different one. Hernandez nearly won with a double Canadian Backbreaker drop, but Daniels kicked out. Hernandez fought back with a double Clothesline and a sit-out Powerbomb. With Daniels down, Guerrero went for the Frog Splash, but Kazarian got involved to break up the pin. After Hernandez took out Kazarian, Guerrero went for the Frog Splash for the second time. This time he hit the maneuver and got the three count.

Kurt Angle, Eric Young and James Storm vs. Garret Bischoff, DOC and Wes Brisco: Storm had his way with Bischoff, but Young didn’t have the same luck with Brisco. Once Young got out of his funk, Angle took over and Brisco found himself on the wrong side of the ring. Using quick tags, the faces were in the driver’s seat. After the commercial break, it appeared The Aces and Eights had the advantage, but James Storm dominated Bischoff and Brisco. Once DOC got into the match Storm was the victim of several strikes and roughhousing. A Double-Underhook suplex from DOC kept Storm down, but Bischoff was back in the match and after some double-team moves with Brisco, Storm was in need of a tag. Once Angle got the hot-tag, German Suplexes were handed out like hot cakes. After Angle hit Brisco with the Olympic Slam, it appeared the match was over. D’Lo Brown then hit the ring and distracted Angle, allowing Brisco to roll up Angle for the win.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson: Both of these guys worked hard as the back and forth offense was enjoyable and didn’t under-sell either one of these former TNA World Heavyweight Champions. Anderson nearly won with a nice Alabama Slam counter to the Twist of Fate and worked on Hardy’s arm. Hardy fought back with a top-rope splash, but Anderson was a step ahead. Garrett Bischoff then hit the ring and gave Anderson a hammer, but Hardy got a hold of it after a standing Twist of Fate. Poor Anderson caught the hammer in the groin and a chair shot. Hardy lost it. The tables and ladders soon came out and just when it looked like Anderson was finished, Bully Ray came in to make the save to make it a no-contest.

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