Impact Wrestling Coverage: Hail Sabin…Next Week

Forget the long-winded story lines. Forget the lackluster reveals of Aces & 8s. Forget AJ Styles, everyone else has.

Because Chris Sabin is back, next week.

Also, Matt Morgan is quickly becoming the most dynamic player on the roster, again. This time Impact needs to take the hint. Hogan’s willingness to work with him will easily make Morgan the top guy, but only if management keeps their collective foot on the gas.


Taryn Terrell vs. Tara: Tara goes solo, as Jesse prepares for a match later, so there’s not too much “extra curricular activity” from the heel Knockout. After a Widow’s Peak, Tara takes time to showboat, and Terrell gets the win with a quick rollup.

Rob Terry vs. Jesse Godderz: Robbie E takes time to psych Jesse up before he took on “Big” Rob, to no avail. Terry throws Godderz around like a rag doll, before picking up an easy 1-2-3, despite Robbie E’s constant interference, bro.

TNA Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Austin Aries and Robert Roode: How many more time can these teams meet? It doesn’t matter, because Bad Influence is on commentary. Hernandez gets hot tagged and Chavo hits moves he didnt make famous to earn the win.

Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James: The highlight of the night is the highlight of the entire company: the Knockouts. While still far removed from the amazing division of 2009, the Knockouts, with the return of Sky as well as well as the evolution of Terrell and Tessmacher have yet again elevated Impact’s woman above the male roster. James may still be the industry’s best female. ODB acting as referee is also a plus, though it illustrates Impact’s confusion as to how she should be used. It was a hard hitting match, marred only by a commercial break.Velvet retained with a cradle, OUT OF NOWHERE! (Cole 2011 p.146)

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