Who Deserves a Push: Jessie Godderz

He’s solid on the microphone. He has a fantastic build. He’s got a hot valet in Tara who can also handle herself. Jessie Godderz could be a star. But with angles against no one in particular and silly gimmick matches since his first appearance in TNA, it’s been no easy task to see him for anything positive. After a close inspection of several of his Impact matches, Review Fix wrestling guru Patrick Hickey Jr. breaks down a few elements of Godderz’s game that could be tweaked to move him up the card.

A Legit Finisher: After a few months in TNA, does anyone know what his finishing move is? What about his signature holds? Godderz may still be green, but he needs a few maneuvers to captivate the crowd. He’s good with the ground and pound style, so maybe a variation of the clothesline, like the discus lariat would work well with him. The same thing goes for a simple move like the Jawbreaker. By itself, it’s boring and cliche, but if Godderz performs it like Shane Douglas’ “Franchiser” it could serve as an adequate set-up hold.

As far as a finisher, something that shows his strength would be perfect. A modified Torture Rack into a Neckbreaker would serve two purposes. Firstly, fans love innovation and this modern-day spin on the classic hold could get him over. Second, it would make him different.

An Angle that Works Off his Reality Star Persona: If Godderz was to work as a face before eventually getting blackmailed by the Aces and Eights, who have a “tape” of Godderz that he doesn’t want anyone on Network TV to see- now that could be interesting. When Tara asks him what’s on the tape and he refuses to tell her, that could get them both some attention. Right now both of them are good-looking and entertaining, but not enough consistently for fans to truly care. After Godderz gets a following and could lose it because of the gang, fans could connect to him.

Real Matches With Guys Who Can Work: Most of Godderz’s matches have been mixed tags or squash matches against guys he’s not ready to face. A few matches with talent the likes of Robbie E, Christian York, Kenny King or Joey Ryan, real 15-minute encounters, could serve as a better assessment of his abilities. Even if he doesn’t win, Godderz can still show the crowd he’s more than Tara’s boy toy.

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