Buddy Cops Review: Mediocre Police Comedy

When a drunkard intergalactic cop gets placed in the NYPD and paired with a partner in the shape of a ’70s police android, you get “Buddy Cops,” a new Dark Horse comics one-shot that combines random comedic elements and solid art in what can only be described as “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” meets stereotypical cop drama.

Although there’s a few funny moments, the story is ultimately too hit or miss for readers to consistently connect with.

Nate Cosby’s characters feel pulled from pop culture lore and while they work at times, they never feel fresh. Dennis, the bad boy cop, feels more like David Spade’s character on “Rules of Engagement” than anything original. He’s just out there. There’s no method to his madness. And although he’ll garner a chuckle from time to time, he’s too unfocused. Tazer, the android cop is more the straight guy of the duo, literally and comedically, but he’s just boring. Every straight man should have a laugh or two up his sleeve. Tazer has nothing.

He just complains.

Evan Shaner’s art captures the silly nature of the writing well. it’s the highlight of the book. The battle scenes are well executed and the facial expressions capture the fun. With a look like Robert Kirkman’s “Invincible,” the comic has one consistently endearing element.

The sometimes scoff-inducing and brainless stories ruin Shaner’s pictorials though. Again, while the book is supposed to be silly, it’s not in the vein of smart silly like “South Park” or completely illogical comedy like “Family Guy.” It’s somewhere in-between and never distinguishes itself. Although it has potential, it needs to deliver something unique and depend less on shock laughs.

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