Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Blue Gets Fired Up

Arguments, pedicures and knifing up a cow. This episode had it all.

This episode started with Barret blaming himself for the Blue Team’s lose. So he decided to get serious by shaving himself bold. Now that’s taking this competition a little too far. Nedra commented that he pulled a Brittany Spears.

The day’s challenge was something the Blue Team got excited about: cooking steak. It was steak night in Hell’s Kitchen. The challenge was for each chef to cook a different cut of steak (porterhouse, filet mignon, NY strip, rib cap, rib eye and hanger) using either a rub or sauce. The steak also had to be medium-rare.

The Blue originally lead 2-1 and the, once again, it was tied until the end. It came to Mary or Ray with their rib eye. Because Ray overcooked his steak, Mary got the point and won it for the Red.

While the Red was enjoying their reward by the pool and pedicures, the Blue spent the day butchering the usual half cow for dinner service. We also learned a thing about Mary’s personality: She thought it would be fun to hack up a cow. Yup, she’s a weird one. Ray said, “the cow is gonna tell you where it wants to be separated.” That has to be the strangest thing anyone has ever said about butchering a cow.

At dinner service it seemed like all that winning went to the Red’s head. It started when Mary didn’t hear Ramsay call out sliders, causing the kitchen to be backed up. It didn’t help when the customer found a hair in one of the sliders. Ramsay was understandably upset about that.

Things got worse when Susan went out to serve prime rib table side. The Red decided to wait for Susan to finish and then cook the other entrees. They stopped this after Ramsay gave them a good speaking to. This whole mess rounded up with Cyndi and Jacqueline made a raw filet mignon. Amanda, Jacqueline, Cyndi and Nedra (all trying to cook streaks) got kicked out when the same filet came out well done.

The Blue, even though winning dinner service, made a few mistakes as well. At the start Barret started frying crab cakes even though Ramsay called out crab cocktail. He would later forget the garnish for crab cakes. His excuse? He was being overworked. Finally, The Blue later had to re-fire an entire table due to Ray making an undercooked NY strip.

Once again, Nedra argued with someone. That someone was Cyndi even though Cyndi admitted to her mistake.

Amanda and Jacqueline were nominated-Jacqueline got eliminated.

Steak night has always been one of the worst performances in Hell’s Kitchen and this episode did not disappoint. Again, the Blue need to get their act together during challenges. Seeing the Red win every week is getting both boring and predictable. At least Jacqueline was sent home.

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