Who Deserves a Push: Kenny King

TNA X-Division champion Kenny King has “it.” A great finisher, swagger, potential on the microphone, King can play a definite role in the resurgence of the X-Division in TNA. The only problem is that TNA creative has made the belt all about the in-ring work; a huge mistake. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and most recently, Austin Aries have taken advantage of being X-Division stars, using more mic time and exposure and making themselves World title contenders and champions.

King could definitely go the same way.

But with every encounter in the X-Division being a three-way, TNA has essentially admitted they have zero faith in their X-Division stars.

Typical TNA. Try to boil an egg with no water and tell us what happens. Try and build a star in professional wrestling with no build-up, no mic-time, no gimmick and you don’t need a smark to tell you. The guy flounders. Currently, this is the path King is headed on. It can be fixed though.

Let him get his rear handed to him by the Aces and Eights. When he comes back from the injury, let it happen again. During this time, King should sleep in the gym and separate himself physically some more. He’s already a fantastic athlete; he just needs some more definition. Then when confronted by the club to join, he makes the difficult choice and takes another beat down. This will endear him to fans. If TNA makes him look a little stronger than he should during the fights, fans will see his potential. When he makes a full face turn, the fans will respect him. Add in a decent t-shirt and a few solid promos and King has a foundation.

After that, you have him feud with AJ Styles.

That’s how you build a young star TNA. Not by a plethora of spots. Ask Petey Williams; a one of a kind finisher and the adoration of fans isn’t enough. King has the intangibles- he just needs to be developed.

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