5 WWE Superstars Who Would Benefit Most by Moving to TNA

To succeed in WWE is no simple task. Ask the hundreds of wrestlers over the past few years alone who have signed “development” deals with company to only languish in the mid-card, or worse, FCW. Sometimes a change of scenery is all a guy needs. A new promoter who sees something different in the star. Or something Vincent Kennedy McMahon didn’t.

In this exclusive list, we count down five WWE stars who would benefit the most by jumping ship to TNA.

5: William Regal: Relegated to a backstage role and putting over heels and youngsters on RAW and FCW, Regal still has plenty left to give, in spite of nagging injuries. A big push in TNA as a legitimate shooter could do wonders for the company and cement his legacy as one of the most technically proficient stars of this generation.

4: The Miz: After his run with the WWE title, which saw him finally come into his own, Miz took some time off to film a movie. The result of his extended absence hurt his character more than it helped. Even with the success of MizTV, he hasn’t gotten an opportunity to the ring to get back in the WWE or World title hunts. At this point, like a Ken Anderson a few years ago, a new company and the opportunities that come with it is better than managing strong outings on the mid-card every night.

3: Ted DiBiase Jr.: A third-generation star with plenty of talent, DiBiase deserves so much more. What’s worse is he’s never been given a real opportunity to fly solo. TNA would be much more inclined to give him the chance the WWE hasn’t. With some mic and ring time, DiBiase could blossom into one of the industry’s diamonds in the rough. The biggest problem now is the WWE and the collective wrestling world don’t know what to make of him.

2: Alex Riley: This guy was super over after his mini feud with then WWE champion The Miz. Women loved him, he had great ring music and a solid finisher. A series of job outs, that seemingly happened out of nowhere, ruined any credibility he began to garner. Now, he’s simply taking up space. In TNA he’d be a perfect candidate to run with the TV title, a good-looking face with ability in the ring and on the mic.

1: Natalya Neidhart: The best female worker in the industry today, Neidhart is, for the lack of a better term, being pissed away in the WWE. Passed over by the company for better-looking women (that’s not to say Neidhart is ugly at all) with less talent, Neidhart is ready to go somewhere else. In TNA, Neidhart would be a star. With Tara, ODB, Gail Kim and Mickie James in the company, Neidhart could bring legitimacy back to both women’s titles in the company.

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