Coming Soon to a Raw Near You: The Wyatt Family

Recently at a house show the Wyatt family decided to give the unsuspecting audience a small taste of what’s in store for the main roster upon their televised debut, and the results were absolutely off-putting. With the other two members of the family, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, in tow, one of which wearing an uncannily creepy sheep mask, Wyatt immediately piled on layer after layer of nuance that left the otherwise raucous crowd agape and perturbed.

The crowd likely had no idea that this sinister and disturbing fellow was once a rotund goofball known as “Husky Harris.”

The strength of the persona lies in his ability to captivate the audience, as opposed to a diverse move set or an outstanding level of athleticism. He possessed a magnificent talent for leaving the audience spellbound in spite of themselves. Creeping down the ramp with his “sons” slinking behind him, microphone in hand to spread his message of Revelations and the coming of the end, he brings the crowd into a trance. As soon as the bell rings, he unleashes the monster that lurks within his seemingly gentle demeanor.

Don’t expect to see any dazzling backflips or crisp suplexes with Bray Wyatt. His onslaught is simple and blunt. He throws you down and breaks you, simple as that. But that’s all he needs. A few clotheslines, a backsplash or two, an ample distractions from his entourage all soften his opponents up for the finishing touch, “Sister Abigail,” a swinging reverse STO in the vein of Mike Knox, using his momentum to smash their face in. A nice touch he throws in is a light kiss on their forehead preceding it, and shaking their hand afterwards.

With the combination of his brute force, his unbearably creepy behavior, and his “sons” always present, he is a threat to anyone who to dares face him. As an unsettling combination of George Jones and “Deliverance”, he could bring about a darkly psychological edge to the show.

His time is coming. Beware his wrath.

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