IDW Limited Launches Line of Star Trek Deluxe Hardcovers


IDW Limited announced one small step for comics and one giant leap for Star Trek fans everywhere with the launch of a new line of limited edition STAR TREK books, under license by CBS Consumer Products. (

Starting with Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before, a deluxe hardcover collecting issues #1 – 4 of IDW’s ongoing series, IDW Limited will begin offering Trek fans a way to celebrate their fandom with a true cornerstone for their collection. The inaugural limited edition will be signed by the creative team of writer Mike Johnson and artists Tim Bradstreet and Joe Phillips. The Black and Blue editions will feature artwork by Bradstreet and Phillips, respectively.

“There is no better fan base than the Trek fans,” Says series artist Joe Phillips. “When we were asked if we’d like to participate in this limited-edition line, the answer was an instant YES. To be able to take the time to do hand-drawn pieces that I knew would end up with happy fans was a thrill. And seeing the new design for the book is just awesome.”

With an exclusive all-new cover and casing, Star Trek: Where no Man Has Gone Before collects more than just the comics, it also collects signatures and artwork from the creative team behind the hit series. Each book is signed by Johnson, Bradstreet and Phillips and the Black Label contains artwork from Bradstreet while Phillips has provided full-color, hand-drawn artwork for the ultra-rare Blue Label.

“It’s a book we’re very proud of,” Says IDW Limited Director Jerry Bennington. “Star Trek is a title with a huge history behind it. There are expectations from the fans when you do something in this storied universe. I believe we’ll blow those expectations away with this book.”

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