Impact Wrestling Coverage: Masked Men and New Mafia Members

After Sting added Kurt Angle to the Main Event Mafia last week, this week they added another member.

Samoa Joe.

The group also made their agenda clear- they want to reclaim TNA from The Aces and Eights and make sure Bully Ray loses the World Heavyweight title.

Away from the main storyline, there’s drama in every title picture for the first time in ages. Add in the continued intrigue of the Bound for Glory Series and Impact wrestling was more than watchable this week.


X-Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King vs. Suicide: All three competitors battled for an advantage early, but it was Suicide that created some separation with a nice Top-Rope Front Dropkick and a few spots on the outside. Those risks cost Suicide later, as King nailed the Tower of Doom on both Suicide and Sabin later in the match. Sabin almost beat King with the Hail Sabin Driver, but Suicide broke up the pinfall. King then went for his finisher, but Suicide rolled up King and grabbed the ropes for the win.

After the match, Hulk Hogan and TJ Perkins, the real Suicide, hit the entry ramp and announced that whoever was in the costume, wasn’t the real Suicide. Before things could get solved, the masked man was gone, with the X-Division title.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Austin Aries was under the mask and apparently, he’ll get an opportunity to cash in the X-Division title for a World title shot at Destination X.

Gut Check: Adam Ohriner vs. Ryan Howe: You may remember Howe from his stint on WWE Tough Enough, but he’s changed a bit since then. With an awesome entrance, playing the guitar on his way in, he’s got something different. But aside from some added muscle and flash, he’s still pretty green and didn’t do much in the ring. Ohriner is a complete beast. In the vein of Ryback, he’s all power. Ohriner won with a sloppy version of the Powerslam.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky: James talked smack before the match, but Sky was the one who was pissed. James made up for a lack of physicality by playing smart on the outside before ramping up her offense. Working on Sky’s injured knee, James was tenacious. After a kick to the knee, James nearly won with a DDT. Sky fought back with an ugly Neckbreaker, but James kicked out and continued to work on Sky’s knee. Then, in an unprecedented move, James won with a weird Deathlock/Octopus Stretch variation.

Bound for Glory Series: Bobby Roode vs. Magnus: Roode was in charge the majority of the match, but Magnus never looked out of place. Roode went through his signature offense and Magnus took it and made Roode look every inch of the former World Champion he is. And in typical face fashion, Magnus got the crowd into the match and fought back with offense of his own. After a few clotheslines and a Belly to Back Suplex, Magnus hit his Suplex variation before he went for the Elbow Drop. It was here Roode countered, but Magnus was able to eventually hit the Top Rope Elbow, but was unable to get the pin. Roode countered with his Spinebuster, but had his Fisherman Suplex reversed by Magnus, into a Michinoku Driver for the huge upset win.

Bound for Glory Series: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson: Mike Knox and Doc joined the fun, but the distraction didn’t get Anderson the win after a DDT. Sting and Kurt Angle made sure the Aces and Eights didn’t get involved as they took Knox and Doc from ringside. With Anderson by himself, Joe soon won with the Rear-Naked Choke.

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