The Sonnets of William Shakespeare: There’s an App for that

The Sonnet Project, the ambitious, but exciting new venture which will fuse contemporary culture with classical theatre is being developed by the small New York outfit, the Shakespeare Exchange, whose goal it is to encourage an enthusiastic appreciation of classical theatre.

“I love Shakespeare…I just think he’s a genius, says founding Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Exchange Ross Williams, who is also the producer of the project.

Williams has made bringing the bard’s writings to people, his life’s work.

“There’s something about Shakespeare, his stories, his sense of love, his sense of pain is deep and when it is spoken with honesty it connects to people in their souls,” Williams says.

Williams is hoping to reach 1 million people by April 23, 2014, the bard’s 450 birthday. “Our mission is to get Shakespeare to people’s lives,” he said. “We do it with our live theatre, but say there’s this person in Des Moines Iowa who says, ‘I don’t like Shakespeare’ we can’t reach that person in Des Moines with live theater so when I started thinking about all the contemporary technology, the app, and internet and Youtube, and I thought, why aren’t we using that?”

More than a dozen films from the project have already been released with a new one being released every three days.

The free app for the iPad and iPhone are available in the app store for free.

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