Captain Midnight #1 Review: Sounds Like Another Captain

Making a superhero that’s from World War II without drawing parallels from “Captain America” is harder than it sounds.

If done properly, this can create some surprisingly effective effects.

“Captain Midnight” by Joshua Williamson isn’t one of them.

World War II superhero Captain Midnight has reportedly returned after disappearing over the Bermuda Triangle during the war. Now Major Charlotte Ryan, granddaughter of one of Midnight’s companions Joyce Ryan, has been sent by her grandmother to find him. Meanwhile, powerful entrepreneur and daughter of the Nazi Midnight tried to capture alive, Fury Shark, has heard about Midnight’s reappearance and wants him taken care of.

If this sounds like “Captain America” it basically is. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the writer even tried to do something totally original with the concept. Instead we get what’s essential a poor man’s version of Captain America. The hero also, based on what little we see of him, acts like a generic American flag waving superhero.

The other characters themselves also fall into this category. We have the tough girl military girl, the ex-boyfriend who also happens to be in the military and the CO. All of whom lack any kind of personality or likability whatsoever. They all seem to blend into mediocrity without any thought put into why the reader should care about them.

The art by Fernando Dagnino also falls into mediocre hell. It looks every other superhero comic drawn today. One of the best parts of the art is when Charlotte is introduced. The second the reader sees her they can’t help but say “is that Lara Croft?” The clothes, hair, face and overall design looks like the artist liked Lara Croft’s design so much he diced to design a character after her. This isn’t creative; It’s making her look like every other action girl in existence.

“Captain Midnight” is a pure example of uninspired superhero comics with an all too familiar story, dull characters and mediocre art. Those interested in anything to do with World War II and Nazis deserve better.

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