Knack: Individually Rendered Creature

With the launch of Sony’s Playstation 4, comes the release of “Knack,” a game about a creature on a planet much like Earth who has to save the human race from the resurgence of Goblins. Developed by SCE Japan and using the Unreal Engine 4, it has the possibility of being a graphical powerhouse.

“Knack” has a skill which allows him to incorporate relics such as metals, ice, rocks and crystals onto himself in order to grow in size and power. The more relics that “Knack” absorbs, the bigger he gets and the more damage he does.

Each relic that is absorbed by “Knack” becomes a part of him and is individually rendered. “Knack” is not a solid object- he is many small objects which work together.

Graphically, the game looks childish, the human figures look overly animated, which help them fit in to the world, which bears a resemblance to a child’s city toy set. The Goblins have “Shrek” like features with enlarged heads and torsos.

The combat system in the game bears a resemblance to “Crash Bandicoot” meets “God of War.” The right analog stick is used in order to dash and avoid danger. The left analog stick is to move the character around. The rest of the buttons are used to attack, jump and use a special power which can only be used if you have enough crystals. Due to the simplicity of the controls, the game is easy for anyone to pick up and play.

Although it is a one player game, “Knack” has ways to bring social aspects onto its gameplay. Throughout your adventures you find chests with certain items inside. These items can be combined in order to create power-ups for “Knack.” Once you get an item it is uploaded onto your profile for your friends to see. If you friend wants one of your items or vise-versa, you can choose to exchange any item you find for an item that your friend has found. If you choose an item from your friend, they do not lose their item, but simply your treasure becomes a copy of theirs.

There are many different types of “Knack,” from an ice form to an alloy version. Each version has its own powers and abilities. The ice version makes a tornado appear when you use the special attack; the alloy version allows you to pass through lasers to avoid damage.

With all the charm and bells and whistles, “Knack” may not be the title you buy for a hardcore gamer, but it is a title that a younger gamer will enjoy immensely.

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