Batman: Arkham Origins First Look

The latest installment of the Arkham series is a prequel the previous two Arkham games set approximately five years before “Arkham Asylum.” Batman is still young in the second year of his costumed crusader career so he comes off bit amateurish when it comes to his usual tactics.

The story is that Black Skull has put a bounty on the head of Batman and all the most dangerous assassins in Gotham are after the caped crusaders cranium. The bounty is $50 million dollars and all the baddies are out to kill the Bat.

“Origins” showcases a full arsenal of the Bat’s gadgets and tools which allow you to explore and protect the gigantic city of Gotham. Along with some of the old favorite gadgets such as the “Bat-claw” and the “Batarang” come a few new trinkets in your arsenal. One of which is the “Remote Claw,” it is a “Bat-Claw” which launches another claw once it is hooked on to a target and either retracts two enemies together which causes them to become stunned or suspends on enemy on a wall which removes them from combat. In addition the “Remote Claw” can also be used to make tight-ropes between two ledges.

As far as enemies go there are newer, stronger, and more deadly enemies to be dealt with. There are big hulk like baddies which are armor plated, they cannot be dealt damage until the armor is removed. This can be done through the use of moves which stun the enemy followed by the prompt of a button to remove the armor.

Some new villains are introduced which have been vacant from the previous Arkham games. Copperhead a contortionist like assassin which grips two claws and has inhuman agility is one of the featured assassins, along with Deathstroke and some old favorites like Bane and the Joker.

“Arkham Origins” will be the first of the series to feature multi-player combat. Classified as 3v3v2 combat Batman and Robin will face off against two groups of three man villain teams. The last team to stand wins the battle and the rights to brag.
Since he is a detective, Batman comes with his super computer which helps him solve crimes. If you happen upon a crime scene the computer can recreate the scenario and help Batman find evidence to how the situation happened. You recreate the incident and can rewind the digitally rendered scenario to uncover clues and piece together who was the culprit.

The whole city of Gotham has been recreated it has been made larger and easier to navigate. Batman can soar from rooftop to rooftop with ease and crash in on enemy parties on the streets.

With a plethora of new features, gadgets, and villains “Arkman Origins” gives a new look on the past of Batman. Given a cleaner polish and a darker demeanor the only way to take back the streets of Gotham is to be the night.

“Arkham Origins” drops on October 25, 2013 for the Xbox360, PS3, PSVITA, PC, Gameboy DS, and the WiiU.

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