Letting Go of Superman: Failed Gambit

So it was announced a few months ago that Gambit’s ongoing comic book series is coming to an end. Oh, you didn’t know there was a Gambit series. Was it any good?

It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either.

It will actually make a good quick read in paperback. The beginning story arc was a fun heist story where our card throwing Cajun gets wrapped up in a international scheme he needs to get out of alive while a bomb’s attached to him.

It was fine and had some spunk.

And then they brought out a stupid giant supernatural monsters and I just don’t understand.

These quirky things seem to be wrapped around anything with Gambit solo runs. There was an ongoing Gambit series in the late ’90s that had him facing off against an evil version of himself from an alternate universe. Another Gambit centric comic series had him fighting off zombies.

These oddball situations and strange adversaries were never right for this polarizing character.

Gambit’s adventures garnered a lot of fans because of his flare, but possibly a lot more haters from people who see him as flash without substance. And yet over the years as his backstory began to emerge, it seems so ripe for exploration to flush out his character.

He’s an adopted child within warring guilds, his engagement was ended because of a fatal duel, made deals with shady characters for survival, and played a hand in the massacre of mutants.

There’s so much to play around with there but you’re not going to and instead keep on throwing things like giant lizards his way.

Dude is not Aragorn.

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