Memorable Moments from Episode 10 of the Final Season of Breaking Bad

Broken – An unsuspecting man starting his day finds stacks of money scattered about his neighborhood. The trail of money leads to Jesse who spins aimlessly on a merry-go-round after leaving his car and multimillion dollar fortune idle. Jesse’s detachment from the money and the world around him reveals his tragic, guilt ridden emotional state; it’s a credit to Aaron Paul to be able to convey such sadness in little to no words.

Man plus screaming woman in public place equals bad for business – Skyler finds the perfect recipe for getting out of dodge when confronted by your DEA agent brother-in-law, simply make a scene. After refusing to divulge information about Walt, Skyler repeatedly asks “Am I under arrest?” As her voice becomes more shrill, Hank tries to calm her down grabbing hold of her arm, causing them to attract unwanted stares from patrons eating in the diner. The chaotic atmosphere created by Skyler causes Hank to release her arm and allows her to make a tearful escape.

Let the bodies hit the floor – Lydia reveals just how callous she can be when it comes to business. She pays a visit to Declan, the dealer Walt sold the methylamine to and complains how the quality of meth is not even close to what Heisenberg used to manufacture. To mend the problem, she orchestrates a scene outside of the meth lab and when the men go to see what’s unfolding they are bombarded with bullets as Lydia’s henchmen open fire. Walt’s former protégé and Lydia’s new cook Todd leads her away from the scene as she shields her eyes from the bodies littering the desert floor.

He’s human – Walt collapses after returning home from burying his fortune in the desert and Skyler cares for him as he awakens on the bathroom floor. Walt promises to turn himself into authorities as long as she agrees to keep the money to provide for the children and says “Please don’t let me have done all this for nothing.” Viewers are reminded that Walt’s actions initially derived from a good place. His vulnerability and concern for his family temporarily makes his identity as a manipulative, ruthless kingpin subside and we see him in a more human light.

Things fall apart – Skyler and Marie engage in a heated confrontation. When asked if she knew about Walt since before Hank was shot, Skyler breaks down and apologizes but her apology falls on deaf ears as an infuriated Marie slaps her across the face. The altercation escalates into a screaming match as the two play tug of war with baby Holly, who Marie is trying to remove from the home in order to protect her. Upon seeing the turmoil unfolding, Hank orders Marie to give Holly back to Skyler. It is heartbreaking to see the family torn asunder.

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