Breaking Bad Recap: Walter in the Middle

Episode Commentary: Rabid Dog

While this episode of Breaking Bad lacked the fireworks in the previous episodes this season, there was plenty of levity and tension that can be a major building block to the final episodes.

“Rabid Dog” picks up with Walt pulling up in front of his gasoline filled home and searching for Jesse.  When Walt doesn’t find him, there is cause for concern that he can be a massive threat- not only to him, but to his family as well.

There were several scenes that had a “Malcolm in The Middle” type of a feel to them. One of them involves Walt going from garbage can to garbage can trying to dispose of the gas tank that was used by Jesse. While Walt changed his mind several times on what to do with the tank filled with gasoline, he finally decides to pour some in his car, and then heads to his back yard to pour some on his clothes. Soon enough he comes up with one of his stories to tell his wife and son as to how gasoline ended up in their home.

One thing we can say about Walt that can be considered a weakness is that he is a terrible liar. However it is very entertaining to watch him go into detail about the stories he puts in motion in order for him to try and cover his own end. Walt in this case comes up with a ridiculous but somewhat believable excuse to both his wife Skyler and Son Walter Jr. that he had a gas pump malfunction while pumping gas at the station.  Although Walt can fool Walter Jr. into getting away with the lie, he can’t fool his wife. But it is fun to see him try.

Another hilarious scene involves Saul, Walt and Kuby as they discuss Jesse’s situation. While Saul hints that Walt can take out Jesse metaphorically speaking, he uses an example of discussing the plot of “Old Yeller.” Throughout this episode the talk of killing Jesse comes up several times. First Saul, then Skyler and also someone you would not expect, Hank. It seems that everyone has a moment when they Break Bad. Hank certainly had his.

While Jesse was nowhere to be found in the first half of this episode, we find out what happens to him in a sort of flashblack to the beginning of the episode that we don’t see. That brings everything together.  As Jesse pours the gasoline inside Walt’s house and is about to light the match we see Hank talk him out of doing so. We find out that Hank has been following Jesse ever since he left Saul’s.

Hank brings Jesse to his home and in the process he has him make a video about everything that happened with him and Walt. Hank then decides to have Jesse wired. While Jesse thinks he will be killed, Gomez, Hank’s partner, agrees with Jesse. However Hank’s intention is for Walt to kill Jesse so he can have solid evidence that Walt is not only a drug Kingpin known as Heisenberg, but that he is also a murderer.

Toward the end of this episode things do not go according to plan, which sets up an interesting story line that involves other characters. Now Hank has Jesse on his side while Walt might have found his team that could make him even more dangerous.

It is fair to say that business has picked up.

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