Memorable Moments from Breaking Bad Episode ‘Rabid Dog’

5: The Tale of the Gas Pump from Hell – Unable to rid his home of the smell of gasoline, Walt concocts an elaborate story to explain it to his family. He claims that he was doused with gasoline following an unfortunate encounter with a faulty gas pump. After making his way back home, he thoughtlessly scattered his gasoline-soaked clothes throughout the living room before jumping into the shower. Skyler’s face reveals that she thinks the story is a lie while Walt Jr. pleads with his dad to tell the truth, assuming that the incident occurred because Walt passed out yet again because of his cancer.

4: Old Yeller – During his gasoline induced night away from home at a hotel, Walt is confronted with the idea that killing Jesse might be in his best interest. While meeting Saul in a parked car, Saul compares Jesse to a rabid dog that needs to be put out of his misery before he becomes a liability and divulges compromising information to the feds. After calling Walt out about his ridiculous gas pump story, Skyler callously rejects Walt’s dismissive and forgiving attitude towards Jesse almost burning their house down. She makes it clear that she wants him dead and states “We’ve come this far, what’s one more.” In her eyes Jesse’s death would be just another drop in the bucket compared to all of the other things they’ve done to protect themselves.

3: The New Dynamic Duo? – Viewers learn that the fact that Walt’s home did not go up in flames was not due Jesse having a change of heart, but was due to Hank intervening just in the nick of time. Jesse is conflicted over adhering to Hank’s insistence that he not set the home ablaze, he cries out “he poisoned a little kid, an eight year old boy… he can’t keep getting away with this.” Hank is sympathetic to Jesse’s agony and suggest that they’ll work together to take Walt down. The pair then makes their way to Hank’s car and Jesse becomes an unlikely guest at the Schrader’s home, away from Walt and the DEA until evidence can be gathered.

2: Collateral Damage – Jesse awakens in the Schrader home and agrees to Hank’s request that he disclose how he first became involved with Walt. After recording his testimony, Hank encourages him to meet with Walt after hearing a message left on Jesse’s phone. The thought of meeting with Walt unsettles Jesse, who’s convinced that the potential meeting is really a setup where Walt will enact an ingenious plan that will result in his death. When Jesse leaves the room, Hank reveals that he is willing to sacrifice Jesse if it helps him build his case against Walt, stating “Pinkman gets killed, we get it all on tape.”

1: The Meeting – After Hank attaches a wire to his chest, an uneasy Jesse cautiously approaches Walt waiting on a bench. His heart races as his eyes scan his surroundings hoping to uncover any signs of a setup. His eyes land on an ominous looking brawny, baldheaded guy dressed in a leather jacket, who we later learn was there with his daughter. Thinking that he has foiled Walt’s plan, Jesses calls him on a pay phone and tells him “I’m coming for you;” and warns that if Walt was unnerved by him almost setting his house aflame, he hasn’t seen anything yet. Jesse’s threat influences Walt to make a call to Todd conveying that he will need the services of his uncle.

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