Memorable Moments From Breaking Bad Episode “To’hajiilee”

5. The Price of a Hit – Walt meets with Todd and his uncle Jack to arrange the terms of the hit on Jesse. He informs them that he wants it to be quick and painless since Jesse is like family to him. With the terms agreed upon, the question of the cost arises and Walt learns that the men aren’t interested in money, but they want Walt to cook for them. Uninterested, Walt offers more money but the men reject his offer because more money could be made after Todd learns to perfect Walt’s meth formula. Walt agrees to one final cook session after they kill Jesse.

4. How Low Can You Go – Walt attempts to flush Jesse out of hiding by paying an unexpected visit to his ex-girlfriend Andrea and her son, who he poisoned, Brock. He expresses that he is concerned for Jesse who he hasn’t heard from him since they had a horrible argument and who is on a downward spiral and using drugs again. Andrea leaves Jesse a compassionate message conveying her and Walt’s concern and Walt leaves, hoping that the message would cause Jesse to come to her home and fall victim to the hit Walt had arranged for him.

3. The Weakest Link –
Hank and Gomez target Saul’s bodyguard Huell in hopes of finding the most plausible evidence against Walt, his money. Huell’s defensive demeanor subsides when Hank shows him a staged photo of a dead Jesse lying in a pool of blood and brain matter. They convince him that he needs to stay in the safe house for his own protection because he’s on Walt’s hit list and that Walt has been tracking him through his cell phone. Huell squeals and discloses that Walt rented a van and stored his money in seven large plastic containers before taking off for the desert and Hank realizes that Walt’s money is buried in the desert.

2. The Student Becomes the Master –
Jesse texts Walt a picture of a barrel full of money buried in dirt and lets him know that he found six more barrels after using the GPS on the van Walt rented to lead him to the location where he hid his money. Walt begs Jesse not to burn the money because it would really be hurting his family, not him. He drives frantically towards the location while Jesse threatens to burn $10,000 for every minute it takes him to get there. Walter is shocked when he gets there and sees that Jesse is nowhere in sight, he then realizes that he’s been duped and takes the battery out of his cell phone. He then takes cover behind a rock when he sees a car approaching.

1. The Showdown – Walt is shocked when he sees Hank, Gomez, and Jesse exit the vehicle. He comes out from behind the rock, drops his weapon, and is placed in handcuffs. After separating Walt and Jesse after a brief altercation, Hank puts them into separate cars and makes a call home to Marie to deliver the good news that he finally has enough evidence to put Walt away. The celebration is short lived as Todd, his uncle Jack, and his henchmen make their way to the scene after receiving a panicked call from Walt earlier. Hank orders the men to drop their weapons. Walt also tries to interject, yelling to Jack from the vehicle not to do it, but Walt is ignored and the men are not convinced that Hank and Gomez are actually a part of law enforcement and they open fire. Hank and Gomez struggle to return fire, as Jesse watches the firefight unfold and Walt tries to shield himself from the bullets riddling everything in sight.

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