Review Fix Exclusive: Q & A with Singer Bobby Long

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Bobby Long, who discusses his goals, his new album, “Wishbone,” as well as his influences and guilty pleasures in music.

Review Fix: How did you get into playing in America?

Bobby Long: I was touring and ended up playing some shows over here. Things just managed to get set up over here. It’s worked out really well.

Review Fix: How did you first get into music?

Long: At school. I picked up a guitar and started playing back at home in London. After a while, I started doing shows and that was it really.

Review Fix: When did you first decide you wanted to perform professionally?

Long: When I was in London. I did some support shows and had residency in London and it took off from there. I performed twice a week for three months.

Review Fix: Who helped you get started/influenced you?

Long: A few people. My publisher was really involved early on, my first manager too. He he tried to get me out there as much as he could and I started getting some attention. My agent has helped a lot as well.

Review Fix: What is the significance of the title of the album “Wishbone”?

Long: I just liked the name of it. I like the significance of this lucky thing that everybody does, this ridiculous thing that gives good luck. I liked the look of it and the ripping it and getting the larger and lucky part.

Review Fix: Do you listen to your own music, or do you like the sound of your voice recorded?

Long: My voice annoys me, but you want to hear how other people make sure that everything is good and ready for the public. I listen to it for about a week, but put it down again.

Review Fix: Where would you like to tour?

Long: Alaska, never been there before. Beautiful, I would really like the to go there. Los Angeles, at the Troubadour.

Review Fix: Who would you like to work with?

Long: Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen.

Review Fix: Who are some of your idols/hero?

Long: Those two guys just mentioned, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan the Beatles, Radiohead.

Review Fix: How do you find inspiration for your music?

Long: I think it’s something you’re always looking for, everyone is always looking for those bursts of inspiration. At a show, friends, watching people in the street, watching someone do something to you. It spurs you into writing something.

Review Fix: How has your music influenced you?

Long: I think this is really what I’m meant to be doing. It’s part of my existence. It just feels natural doing it. Don’t like to question it to much. Just makes things better, just own your game.

Review Fix: What are some ways you take a break from your music?

Long: Watch soccer, read and watch films, just like doing boring stuff. Washing and folding clothes, doing normal things. “Like My Big Fat Gypsy American Wedding” is my favorite thing to watch.

Review Fix: What are some of your future goals?

Long: Personally, just to make records and tour. Maybe like to write a book or something, I’d like to climb Everest.

Review Fix: What’s a song on your iPod that you enjoy, but are embarrassed about?

Long: En Vogue “Don’t Let Go.”

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