Memorable Moments from Breaking Bad’s Final Episode “Felina”

Comply or Die – After obtaining their address by posing as a New York Times reporter, Walt makes his way to Gretchen and Elliot’s estate. Elliot foolishly attempts to intimidate Walt by grabbing a knife and telling him to leave, but Walt brushes off his attempt at heroism and explains that he is there to ensure the future of his children. He unloads $9 million onto their table and instructs them to establish a trust for Junior since the government will confiscate anything he tries to give his family directly. He threatens that they’ll be consequences if they fail to adhere to his orders; their bodies’ tremble with fear when he signals towards the window and red laser targets suddenly mark their chests. He informs them that his hit men could strike when they least expect it if they fail to comply.

A New Deal – Todd and Lydia’s meeting at a café is interrupted when Walt suddenly pulls up a chair and offers to sell them his new cooking formula that isn’t reliant on their dwindling supply of methylamine. Todd appears uninterested, but Lydia entertains the idea while compulsively adding packets of an artificial sweetener to her tea. They agree that Walt will stop by Jack’s lair later to unveil the new formula. When Walt leaves, Lydia expresses that given Walt’s sickly state it would be best to put him out of his misery.

Going Home – Walt makes his way to his Skyler’s new apartment to say goodbye. He gives her the lottery ticket with the coordinates that detail where Jack’s crew disposed of Hank and Gomez’s bodies. Skyler is put off when Walt starts to talk about why he started his meth empire until he admits that his decision was really for himself. He confesses “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it and I was really, I was alive.” Skyler allows him to see Holly and he gently strokes her hair as she sleeps in her crib. His heart overflows while he savors the opportunity to see his son one last time. He peers through a window and watches Junior make his way home from school, and then leaves, knowing that DEA agents are stationed around the apartment.

Revenge – Walt arrives at Jack’s compound, but Jack immediately dismisses his formula idea and enlists one of his men to execute Walt. Before the men lead Walt away to meet his maker, he interjects and tells Jack that he still owes him for not following through with the hit on Jesse. He accuses them of making Jesse a partner after hearing that his blue meth was still flooding the market. Walt’s theory falls apart when Jesse, bound in shackles, is brought in. After realizing that Jesse is a prisoner, he reveals his real reason for coming to the compound. He tackles Jesse causing them both to fall to the floor and presses a button on his keychain. A machine gun emerges from the trunk of his car and unleashes a firestorm of bullets that kill Jack’s men. Todd is alive following Walt’s engineered shootout but dies at the hand of Jesse who uses the chains from his shackles to strangle and squeeze the last bit of life out of him. Jack is wounded and attempts to use the unknown location of Walt’s money to deter him from killing him but Walt abruptly pulls the trigger.

The End – With Jack, Todd, and the minions dead, Walt passes Jesse a gun and tries to convince him to kill him. Jesse appears conflicted until he notices that Walt was wounded by the gun fire. He says that if Walt wants to die, he’ll have to do it himself. Before leaving the compound, Walt answers Todd’s phone and tells Lydia she’ll be dead soon because he laced the artificial sweetener she used with ricin. Jesse and Walt’s eyes meet for a final time before Jesse takes off in a car and Walt wanders into Jack’s lab where he collapses and peacefully slips into nothingness.

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