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Episode Commentary: “Isolation”

This episode is all Tyrese, but before he once again proved what an epic ass-kicker he is, the gang had to deal with a few other problems first.

The virus that has now gone airborne is spreading faster than ever. As a result, the casualties keep rising. The culprit who brutally killed Karen is revealed- some may be surprised on who it is-some may not. This was certainly the best episode of the season thus far. Although the episode started out with a knockout punch, there were a few blunders that had you scratch your head. Overall, “Isolation” was a stepping stone on what’s to come for the duration of this season. Let’s just hope the plot line picks up and the direction does not get lost.

This episode gets off to an exciting start as a furious and emotional Tyrese wants justice on the person responsible for killing Karen. Tyrese goes as far as having a fist fight with Rick. The unrealistic aspect of this situation is how Rick ends up almost knocking out Tyrese, who is literally twice his size. In reality if anyone ends up receiving a punch from Tyrese, the recipient would wake up and not know what day it is.

While Hershel and other members of the group are digging up graves and looking like characters from “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” a major character receives a bad break as the virus seems to spread faster throughout Cell Block D and the rest of the prison. It is certain that no one is safe at this point. The only alternative for this sudden outbreak is for several members of the group to head out of town and try and find antibiotics in order to treat those who have caught this super flu.

Although there was plenty of action throughout this episode, there were a few moments that will leave viewers feeling little to be desired. One scene involves Hershel and Carl that not only seemed poorly written, but there was a sense of awkwardness between them. As Hershel heads out of the prison to gather more crops for the farm, he is stopped by Carl who tells him he can’t leave the farm. Carl has taken a drastic fall in respectability so far this season as his character resembles one of a spoiled nuisance. Hershel and Carl’s dialog of back and forth” I’m leaving” and “I can’t let you go” that leads to nowhere is a weak point of this episode. One scene has Hershel out in the woods with Carl standing guard that is a total throw away scene, similar to Rick walking through the woods with the crazy lady in episode one. What makes this scene tough to watch is how Hershel says how peaceful it is out here and then outcome several walkers.

What else is frustrating is how Hershel tells Rick in episode one to bring his gun when he leaves the farm, and then has Carl fall back and not take a shot when a Walker clearly is headed towards them. Even though Carl has a gun and you would think that noise would attract more Walkers, you could clearly see that the weapon is a silencer pistol.

Another scene that was unrealistic and quite ridiculous is when Tyrese begins to bash about 60 walkers in the head with a hammer neither without a single scratch, nor less a bite. While this episode had its “wow” moments, it’s the unrealistic scenarios that these characters seem to miraculously survive that have you question the show at times in how unrealistic it can be. But then again it’s the addiction of survival that has us coming back for more.

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