Review Fix Exclusive: Anderson Davis Interview

Breaking out onto the entertainment scene in 2008, model Anderson Davis has been in demand ever since. When you hear his name, you may not know right off the bat that he is a model. This six foot, one inch man has made an impressive career for himself.

With his green eyes and classic movie star bone structure, he is able to pull off any look from formal wear to athletic wear. Working with brands like Nike, Reebok and his newest campaign with Kraft salad dressing, Davis is on the rise.

Davis was born and raised in the Northern area of California and then relocated to Los Angeles. He is the eldest of his parents’ six children.

“The town that I grew up in was a small town. I come from a pretty traditional, down to earth American family,” Davis said. “I think that family and friends is a good thing in life and it’s important to recognize those things and acknowledge them.”

Being a model was not in the top of his list of future careers as a child. He was an active child who dreamed of being an athlete.

“I was into sports my whole life and I ended up with an injury that ended my sports career. I got my first job as a baseball player. I got a commercial to be a baseball player. The transition for sports to entertainment was pretty easy,” said Davis.

His current project that has taken off  is his print and television advertisements as the Kraft Zesty Man. The character was created in an attempt to make cooking more appealing to women. Many did not think that the campaign would be this successful, not even the star of it.

“You never think that a commercial could cause such a stir. I didn’t think this was going to be a big hit or anything,” he said. “I saw the script and thought this is an opportunity to make this character a little bit of everything. I think what was so successful about the commercials was it appalled to women, obviously, and to gay men and bisexuals. I think it appalled to everyone.”

The first commercial aired on April 1 and in nearly six months, there has been a total of four commercials. Davis has never been one to play it safe and he will keep moving forward in the entertainment industry.

“If the ad agency signed on to do more commercials, I don’t think that I would even sign on to do it. I think just leave it as it is and see where it takes you. As of right now, there were talks of shooting some more, and people wanted to see more, but to do that it would have to be very appalling and look like they would top the last commercials. Otherwise, I don’t know if it would be worth doing,” he said. “I think in life, to be successful, you have to keep progressing forward, not staying neutral and going backwards.”

Davis also had some advice to the future actors and models out there.

“If you are going to get involved in this industry, come in with a plan, with the right tools to supply these agents and managers and modeling agencies. Be ready to deal with a lot of rejection,” he said. “If you are persistent and you have the tenacity, you will make some ground but you have to be mentally prepared for the fact that you are not going to get a yes from every door you walk into.”

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