Review Fix’s Top 13 Behind the Song Segments of 2013

In January of 2012, Review Fix Editor-In-Chief Patrick Hickey Jr. launched a new segment, “Behind the Song,” a place where artists could discuss the inspirations both creatively and emotionally, behind their music. It’s quickly garnered a cult following and is one of the most read parts of the site.

Here’s our list of the 13 best additions to the segment in 2013.

13: Jonny Kaplan & the Lazy Stars: Sparkle and Shine: Jonny Kaplan chats about the title track of his new album, “Sparkle and Shine.” A gritty love song with some southern flare, it’s bound to get stuck in your head.

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Behind the Song: Jonny Kaplan & the Lazy Stars: Sparkle and Shine

12: Adema: Rely on the Lions: From Nu-Metal/Rap Rockers to Melodic Magicians, Adema has come a long way since the early 2000s. With lead guitarist Tim Fluckey taking the reins as the band’s frontman for theirnew album, “Topple the Giants,” the band has transformed their sound.

They’re basically a completely new band.

Fluckey’s voice is eerily reminiscent of late Boston frontman Brad Delp; quite the difference from Mark Chavez, who sang the band’s two chart toppers “Giving In” and “The Way You Like It.” Although the album’s gritty guitar work will appease many longtime fans of the band, they’re a different animal.

The track, “Rely on the Lions” is proof of that. Gone is the angst that powered their first few albums, replaced with confidence and experience. In the ballad, Fluckey sings about learning from mistakes and the understanding that the fight for happiness is never over.

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11: La Mer: Closer:  Singer-songwriter La Mer, discusses her single, “Closer,” off her album, “Anchor Baby.” A sweet, sultry voice with a soft acoustic guitar track, La Mer’s “Closer” is Leila Broussard meets Duncan Sheik- a warm ballad for an equally hot night.

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Behind the Song: La Mer: Closer

10: Behind the Song: Arc & Stones: Let Me Down: Arc & Stones lead guitarist Ben Cramer chats about “Let Me Down,” a track off the band’s latest EP “Rise.”

It’s the type of moody and emotional song that will immediately draw the band comparisons to acts the likes of The Fray/Gavin DeGraw. Lead singer Dan Pellarin makes you feel something as he sings about a love gone wrong with a breathy and soulful, yet reckless abandon.

His voice, at times feels stolen from a Motown album, but has the desperation and sensibilities of the late-Amy Winehouse, only masculine.

Muddy Waters would be proud.

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Behind the Song: Arc & Stones: Let Me Down

9: Rod Stewart: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?: Legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge) discusses how the Rod Stewart classic, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” was written. A part of Stewart’s band in the ‘70s and ’80s, Appice is credited as a co-writer on the track.

In this clip, Appice also discusses how many of Stewart’s signature tunes were written and what Rod’s old band would like to do with many of the tracks they played a part in.

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Behind the Song: Carmine Appice: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

8: Oleander: Fight: Oleander frontman Tom Flower discusses “Fight,” the first single off the band’s new album, “Something Beautiful.” If the song sounds familiar, it should. It was the official theme for the WWE ’12 video game.

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Behind the Song: Oleander: Fight

7: Black Sabbath: It’s All Right: Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who discusses “It’s Alright” off the band’s 1976 album, “Technical Ecstasy.”

The song, which features Ward, who also wrote the song, on vocals, was later covered by Guns and Roses.

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Behind the Song: Black Sabbath: It’s All Right

6: Slim Loris: Fear of Flying: Slim Loris Frontman Mattias Cederstam chats about the band’s song “Fear of Flying,” off their album “Future Echoes and Past Replays.”

A sturdy collection of deep ballads and rockin’ tracks, “Future Echoes and Past Replays” tackles life, love and loss. Although the sound and message is similar to Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers, there are plenty of differences. Using electric instruments more often and mixing in banjo, flute, organ and piano, Slim Loris is essentially an all you can eat for your ears. The result is a deep sound that matches up with the depth of the lyrics perfectly.

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Behind the Song: Slim Loris: Fear of Flying

5: EdTang & The Chops: Beware of Dog: EdTang & The Chops frontman EdTang discusses “Beware of Dog,” a track off the band’s recently released album, “Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner.”

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Behind the Song: EdTang & The Chops: Beware of Dog

4: Gabriel Kelley: Make It Easy on Me: Singer/songwriter Gabriel Kelley discusses “Make It Easy on Me,” off his upcoming album, “Lighter Shades of Blue.”

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Behind the Song: Gabriel Kelley: Make It Easy on Me

3: Jake Bugg: Simple as This:  Bugg discusses “Simple as This,” a track off his recent “Two Fingers EP.”

A fun, old-school ballad, Bugg is an up and coming voice in folk and rock worth your ears’ attention.

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Behind the Song: Jake Bugg’s ‘Simple as This’

2: John Waite: Missing You: Singer/songwriter John Waite, discusses his 1984 #1 single, “Missing You” and the impact its had on both his career and the music world. Rerecorded in 2007 by Alison Krauss and appearing in such icon TV shows and video games the likes of “Grand Theft Auto” and “Miami Vice,” the song is a permanent part of pop culture lore.

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Behind the Song: John Waite: Missing You

1: Living Colour: Cult of Personality: Living Colour Frontman Corey Glover who discusses the band’s mega-hit “Cult of Personality.” Appearing in a plethora of videogames and films over the years, the track has become a staple in pop culture history. For Glover however, while he and the rest of the band admit they didn’t know originally that it would help catapult them to mainstream success, they did know they had a “really good song.”

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Behind the Song: Living Colour: Cult of Personality

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