Review Fix Exclusive: Bradley Lords Talks ‘Gigolos’

Known for being the self-proclaimed “cougar magnet,” entrepreneur and fitness model, Bradley Lords, is back for another season of Gigolos.

The popular television show that features five escorts in Las Vegas is currently in its fifth season; Lords is back for his second season on the show. When Lords first joined the cast in 2013, he was the one with the least amount of experience in the world of professional escorting, but he made up for that with his chiseled good looks and being well-traveled.

Away from the Big Easy, Lords lived a humble life in Tennessee.

“We didn’t have a whole lot of money growing up. We just went outside and played in the yard and in the woods; Nothing too crazy or too wild,” said Lords.

At the age of 18, Lords left his home in Tennessee and enlisted in the Marine Corps. At 22, he rose to the rank of sergeant. Through the armed forces, he has been able to live in several countries overseas the likes of China, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico.

Soon after his separation from the Marines, he put his military body to good use and became a fitness model. He also has Bachelors’ degree in business and opened his own gym franchise.

“I have a fitness center in California and a couple of small projects in the works right now. The centers that I built are more private training, private fitness, but they are open to the public,” said Lords.

Lords’ work as an escort is obviously more on the private side. He says men in his profession are primarily booked for long events and are frequently hired for weekend occasion but shorter, two to four hours, events also occur. This gives their clients a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.

“It’s usually 50-50 with the shorter four hour gigs versus a full day or weekend. I get booked for a lot of weekends, overnights and full day trips quite often,” Lords said.

Popular belief in America paints a portrait that encounters with escorts eventually boils down to activities in the bedroom. According to Lords, this is not always the case.

“It all about the boyfriend experience. It’s more about companionship. Women don’t need to call us for sex; they can do that on their own anywhere. What they call us for true companionship and a boyfriend experience,” Lords said.

New episodes of Gigolos are airing now on Showtime every Thursday night at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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