Review Fix Exclusive: Brandon Walker Talks ‘Dying City and ‘Two Rooms’

Review Fix chats with actor and director Brandon Walker, who discusses the Seeing Place Theater’s two newest productions “Dying City” and “Two Rooms.”

Both productions are currently enjoying a run at The Seeing Place Theatre in New York City through March 9, the show is a compelling drama about a topic every American can relate to.

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Review Fix: How does it feel to bring the play back after a few years?

Brandon Walker: Great – for both. This is the first NY Revival of DYING CITY. That’s always exciting. TWO ROOMS gets done every once in a while; however, it’s usually much more poetically performed. I’m excited to bring life to both of these beautiful plays.

Review Fix: Has it changed in any way?

Walker: Just in the manner in which we perform the pieces. We chose DYING CITY because we felt the first production lacked clear storytelling – and we wanted to live it fully, rather than rely on the gimmick of the two different brothers.

Review Fix: For those that have seen it before, why should they check it out again?

Walker: Why shouldn’t they? Seriously. This is a chance to see these plays fully lived. That’s rare for ANY play, much less plays that are as beautiful as this.

Review Fix: How do you want this run to be remembered?

Walker: Well, I’d never turn down a Tony Award… But seriously, we do our work for the people that come. I hope they can see themselves in our productions. And I hope they create a meaning and keep it for the rest of their lives. That’s the most I can ever hope for.

Review Fix: What was the inspiration for the production?

Walker: I’ve been dying to do DYING CITY for about six years. As far as TWO ROOMS goes, it hit a nerve with us. And we wanted to explore it.

Review Fix: What was the casting process like?

Walker: We cast from within our ensemble, so it wasn’t insane. But it’s always great to get all of your first choices – and in this case, we did. The casts of both shows have such wonderful chemistry with one another. That’s rare.

Review Fix: Who is your favorite character from the production and why?

Walker: I’d say Craig in DYING CITY, though I’ve had more fun with Peter throughout. And I probably shouldn’t pick favorites for TWO ROOMS. I feel like I’ll send at least one of my actors into a tailspin of some kind. :O)

Review Fix: Why do you think these plays are paired together?

Walker: They’re both short. They both explore loneliness and grief. They both have a female protagonist. And they’re both awesome.

Review Fix: What are your goals for the production?

Walker: My personal goal is to get through one show of DYING CITY, effectively juggling all of my creative work for each character the whole time. It’s a pretty tall order.

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