WWE Main Event Coverage: Like a Kick to the Head, Right Zack?

Aside from The Miz knocking Fandango out of his dancing boots and Zack Ryder getting a beating at the hands of Alberto del Rio, there was little excitement on WWE Main Event this week.

Big E Langston continued his dominance in the Intercontinental division with a win over Curtis Axel as well, but like the other matches, they were full of routine and posturing, leaving viewers with nothing new to talk about.


Fandango vs The Miz: These two evenly matched competitors traded offense for most of the match until Miz won with the Figure-Four.

Alberto del Rio vs Zack Ryder: While still frustrated over Batista’s return to the WWE, Alberto was determined and serious against Ryder. After a litany of kicks to the head, Ryder found out how serious he was.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel: Both competitors demonstrated their versatility with leaps off the top rope, well-placed clotheslines and plenty of strikes, but it was Big E Langston who got the win, thanks to the Big Ending.

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