Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Cypress Hill in the Kitchen?

“Hell’s Kitchen” has gone to the dogs before. Now it has gone to the pigs in a brand new episode. Two DJs and Rapper are not amused.

The chefs thought they’d get a good night’s sleep when instead they were awoken by pigs and a farmer making noise. Overalls and rubber boots were waiting for them and Sous Chef Andi told them to grab a pig and get outside. Jessica’s pig noises sound a bit too realistic. It’s almost scary.

Outside, there was a pen with farm animals in it. Ramsay told the chefs that they would be working with one of his favorite ingredients: potatoes. That led them into the day’s challenge. They had to dig inside the pen for potatoes and put them on a scale. The first team to 100 pounds wins.

The Blue team won this and Ramsay told them this was not the real challenge. You’d think by this time people would catch onto Ramsay’s fake challenges. It was still funny watching a bunch of fully grown adults bush around animals in a mad dash for potatoes.

The real challenge was to make a unique potato dish in 40 minutes. Each chef’s dish was graded 1-5. The team with the most points wins. One thing that needs to be said is Scott decided to make a soufflé. Why anyone would make a soufflé in Hell’s Kitchen is a mystery.

Each team had to choose one dish to sit out. The Blue chose Anton’s dish and the Red chose Simone’s dish. It was four and three points all the way including Scott’s soufflé. That changed when Bev got a two for her egg potato hash and Mike got a one for his Yukon gold bonjour. Joy won it for Red by getting 5/5 for her pierogi with a final score of 18/16 Red. Who knew a pierogi can be a five star dish?

Also, if the Blue put up Anton’s dish they could’ve won. It was obvious Mike’s dish had too much rosemary on it.

While the Blue spent the day washing the farm animals, the Red celebrated their victory on an 80-foot sailboat. After that the show had three emergencies. Rochelle came down with bronchitis, Simone had…something. She didn’t make it totally clear. It may have been her just acting up. Demarco also cut his finger pretty badly. The good news is all three chefs came back and did dinner service.

The bad news is that dinner service was terrible. What made it worse is that “Cypress Hill” member Senen “Sen Dog” Reyes and celebrity DJs Allister and Marc Blackham were in the dining room.

Poor communication is what the Blue team served up. Mike brought up a halibut before Chris put a crust on it, and later Demarco would realize he forgot the bone in a chicken. This chicken was for one of the Blackham brother’s chicken, by the way. Scott bringing up his lamb after Chris told him his halibut wasn’t ready was enough for Ramsay to throw the entire Blue Team out.

On the Red team, Simone brought up a raw lobster tail. She was also lost in her own world. It took Ramsay and Joy to get her attention. She obviously stopped caring. She and Jessica then placed raw scallops in the same pan as cooked scallops. This is cooking 101 here. Not to mention there shouldn’t be empty pans on the burners. Jessica and Simone were kicked out after they brought up a raw salmon. The last straw was Bev’s two polar opposite halibuts. All of them got kicked out.

Ramsay, having enough of one poor service after another, told each team to nominate three people for elimination. The Red nominated Simone, Rochelle and Sandra. The Blue nominated Mike, Demarco and Chris. Ramsay told Mike, Demarco and Simone to give him their jackets. They each had ten seconds to say why they should stay. Simone decided to eliminate herself after that.

A chef who was put up for elimination eliminated themselves? That was a first. It was the smartest thing Simone did on this show. It was easy to see that she was psychologically done. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that.

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