Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Honeymoon Over

Two of the worst things that can ruin a wedding are a swarm of bees and “Hell’s Kitchen” chefs cooking your meal. That’s exactly what happened on the newest episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

On this episode’s morning, the chefs saw two rows of tables, six per side with domes that had numbers on them. What Ramsay wanted was for each team to pair up and lift these domes at the same time. They had five minutes to match each ingredient. Each pair only had two lifts each. They then had to use these ingredients with four proteins: Chicken breast, ahi tuna, swordfish and pork chop.

It was one of those memory games but with ingredients and lots of yelling. Beth froze when she had to find a match for shitake mushrooms. Anyone would when you have a bunch of loud women yelling out numbers at you.

The Red  team got Brussels sprouts, carrots, polenta, tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, basmati and brown rice.

The Blue team, after failing the first two and a half minutes and Demarco going to the wrong side (and Ramsay FINALLY calling somebody a donkey after years of not doing so), got couscous, polenta and white, red and fingerling potatoes. Starchy much?

The usual back and forth points ensured. One of the biggest standouts was Anton did everything with the pork roulade and Demarco just watched. That was pretty smart since that give them a point. What made no sense is when it came to the swordfish Ramsay told Scott and Ralph that swordfish does not go with hollandaise, giving the Red the win. Hollandaise can go well with fish if done correctly. That was just Ramsay being way too much of a purist.

Because of that the Bluetean  had to spend the rest of the day making honey taffy. They also had to harvest the honey straight from the hive. Demarco, Anton and Jason had to wear beekeeping suits. Demarco’s didn’t even fit him. Ever see a group of guys try to zipper up another guy’s beekeeper suit? That happened here. The joke got funnier when they found out the combs did not have bees. At least we got to see guys with wide girths try to get into a beekeeper suit and make fools of themselves.

The Red team meanwhile, spent a nice day kayaking at Laguna Beach. Kashia had some trouble getting into the kayak but got in. She chickened out and went back. A kayak can even handle a big girl like her and not tip over. Whatever floats her kayak, right?

The next day Ramsay called the chefs to the phone and told them to come down. While there he told them to not make a sound. The reason was a wedding was going on in the dining room. After the ceremony Ramsay told the chefs they had to make brunch for the wedding. Two things: 1.Why anyone would want to get married in Hell’s Kitchen is a mystery and 2. What wedding party has brunch?

Richard had the line of the season so far: “He’s all smiles today, give him a couple of weeks and the honeymoon’s over.”

In the Blue, Ralph once again put food in a cold pan. What was worse is this was the croque monsieur (French toasted ham and cheese sandwich with fried egg on top). Everyone knows bread soaks everything up, so this sandwich was really oily. Later, Ralph would send up a croque monsieur with a raw egg on top. Demarco even told Ralph it was raw. Finally, on the last table, Gabriel made one scrambled egg instead of two.

In the Red Beth burned her first croque monsieur and one of her eggs burst. You actually saw a good chunk of it go flying. She later would send up one with the egg still raw even though she told Joy (who was nagging her to hurry) it was still raw. Eggs would continue to be a problem for her when she overcooked an egg on the last table.

In a neck and neck finish, the Red completed their last table before the Blue. The Blue had to choose two people for elimination. Demarco and Gabriel were put up. Ramsay wanted to see Richard as well. Demarco got the axe.

Another party almost ruined by Hell’s Kitchen chefs. Demarco finally leaving will some ease on the Blue Team and on the viewer. It’s only episode five, meaning there’s still lots of failings left to be had.

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