‘Destiny’ Pre-Beta Thoughts: Living Up to Hype

Bungie, most notable for it’s long running success with the Halo series, but after some complications with Microsoft, the developers decided to move in a different direction. In collaboration with Activision, Bungie brings gamers yet another glimpse into the far future with Destiny. Boasting stunning environments with an immersive multiplayer matchmaking, Destiny is definitely living up to the hype as it’s open Beta is available to anyone who reserved the game.

Each mission drops players into a highly detailed explorable environment, allowing players to either invite along friends or drop in with random players enjoying the game as well. Currently the Beta for it is capped at level 8, but the detail in abilities in equipment is not stunted as a result.

The interface is even set up to show players that once they hit level 15 there will be a secondary class available depending on which of the three they choose. There are three primary class choices between the Titan, Hunter and Warlock each having their own unique appearance and skill set. On top of the classes, there are three different races to allow more variety in customization.

The game offers a similar feel to the long running Halo franchise, but with much more options and areas available. As opposed to picking up a gun and shooting everything in sight, each class has a skill tree to allow for more versatility in combat providing multiple play styles.

By far one of the coolest experiences so far is the random events that occur while playing in exploration mode. Players can defend a point, fighting off hordes of enemies or even be matched up against giant mobile tanks supported by smaller units.

With the earliest reference of Destiny being an easter egg hidden in Halo 3: ODST back in 2009, the game has had half a decade to build hype among already loyal fans and giving Bungie time to build new ones. After all this time it is safe to say the Destiny does not disappoint with it’s amazing detail, range of customization catering to each player, and masterful storytelling.

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