(Hed)p.e. Evolution Review: Different and Awesome

Being a fusion of metal, funk, reggae and hip-hop; (Hed)p.e. is one of the more difficult bands to define.

Hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, the “Rasta-Metal” group has concocted a new album called “Evolution” boasting 12 tracks of simply that.

The album works much more than one would expect considering the diverse influences of the band’s musical style which to say the least is very unorthodox.

The first quarter contains “No Turning Back,” “Lost in Babylon,” and the perplexing “Jump the Fence” to which (Hed)p.e. leaves no quarter out of the gate. The rhythms change so many times but remain so catchy one can’t help but bob and weave.

The next section feature songs like “2Many Games” coasting along the metal genres a little closer, but not enough to separate anything far enough from the former. R and B take control of the vocal sections while the bass driven grooves and low-tuned guitars steer the songs along for “No Tomorrow” and “Let it Rain.” Think of it as the calm, brisk portion of a river before going over the waterfall.

The greatest asset (Hed)p.e. has is their ability to diversify everything. There is always so much going on and somehow nothing gets lost.

“One More Body,” “Never Alone” and “The Higher Crown” continue to branch further into the metal realm, slightly disconnecting from the hip-hop vocals and taking more from old-school New York Hardcore, creating some rough waters but not quite throwing one into the rapids.

Evolution is rounded out by “Nowhere2Go,” “Let it Burn” and “Hold On.” The reggae elements shine heavily on this portion both lyrically and musically. Remember the waterfall? This is the cliff.

This whole album flows down an ever-changing stream. Each track is so different yet similar that the audience will never get bored. (Hed)p.e. have entrancing music that will guarantee an immediate reaction from any location. This isn’t your daddy’s music and it certainly isn’t from this earth. Welcome aboard the mothership.

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