Review Fix Exclusive: Ben Jaimen Talks ‘Satellites’

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Ben Jaimen, who discusses his upcoming EP, “Satellites.” An awesome combination of pop, funk, soul and rock, Jaimen’s sound reeks of legendary acts such as Michael Jackson and James Brown, but has musical similarities to bands and singers the likes of Imagine Dragons and George Michael.

Review Fix: How did this project come about?

Ben Jaimen: When I moved to LA in 2013, it was one of my main goals to find the right producer that would be able to create and develop my original sound that I envisioned for years. Apart from having exceptional skills, long-term experiences and a mutual artistic vision, I was looking for a producer that would suit me also as a human being. Shortly after I met Davy Nathan in December 2013, I knew I found my guy. Soon after our team was completed, when Davy brought in all the right people and musicians that would make up this amazing production. Besides, I was already working with Ilana Martin for quite a while. She is my musical mentor and vocal coach and supported me tremendously in all of my development as an artist prior and throughout the actual recordings.

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound?

Jaimen: It’s contemporary pop music influenced by funk, soul and rock.

Review Fix: What do you think makes a great song?

Jaimen: A song needs to touch you in some form. And for that I don’t believe there is a specific formula. I think it starts with the “creator” of the song. If the writer and composer puts all of his heart and passion into what he creates, then there will be someone out there that feels what he created is great. Of course, it helps if the writer captures the spirit of the day. But since we live in a time where the spirit changes constantly, it’s just another proof that there are no real laws or boundaries as to what makes a great song. I personally love songs that tell a story and that take the listener into a different zone – be it through the lyrics, the melodies, the instrumentation or a combination of all of them.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Jaimen: My creative process varies all the time. I hardly have any mantras when it comes to creativity. I wrote all of my songs in different hours of the day, in different locations, and with different emotional perspectives. Generally, I can say that whenever I am going through something emotionally, or if I have someone in my life that experiences either extreme happiness, extreme sadness or any extreme feelings, I get this inner urge to put it into something creative…mostly into music of course. But, I actually love to paint, photograph and write poems as well.

Review Fix: Who inspires you musically?

Jaimen: Growing up in a very musical family, we would always listen to all the Motown records and all the big singers and groups from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. So, in terms of my sound I can say that I was heavily influenced by music royalties such as Prince, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Burt Bacharach and so many more. But as I said before, it’s mostly personal stories and stories that influence my surroundings or us as humanity that inspire my music.

Review Fix: When did you know think music was for you?

Jaimen: I actually don’t remember any time where I didn’t think music was for me. Seriously, I wanted to become a superstar when I was four years old and performed in one of these hotels that had evening programs and shows. When my parents noticed a few years later that I was still serious about this dream they began supporting me with musical equipment and things like piano and vocal lessons.

Review Fix: What do you think makes you different from everyone else?

Jaimen: I am convinced that every artist has the opportunity to be unique, as art can be expressed in endless ways. I can say that I have never been as passionate and motivated about showing my art to the world as I am now. I feel like if I don’t share it with the public I would explode from inside. I live for the music and all the music that I have inside gives me greatest joy and happiness, and thus I want to pass it on and ideally create the biggest party on the planet.

Review Fix: What song on the album do you think is most indicative of your sound?

Jaimen: It’s so hard to say as we wanted to make every single song special in terms of its sound and message. We picked “Satellites” as the single because it speaks about something global, something that I define as a universal love. Since the goal of my new EP is to reach out to the masses, and to celebrate life together with them, it’s “Satellites” that reflects this idea the best.

Review Fix: What song has the best story behind it?

Jaimen: “Tokyo” has surely the strongest and also most fascinating story behind it. I wrote it shortly after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. I was actually inspired by a newspaper article that interviewed a woman that has lost all of her belongings due to the catastrophe, and I lost myself in the emotion of what it would feel like to lose everything you have. I ended up in a world between heaven and hell. The song itself, the whole production with all of its sounds came out so strong and energetic, every time I listen to it, it feels like the ground is shaking. But then there is also “Piece of Me.” It’s probably the most personal song of all, as it provides a deep insight in a hidden door of my heart.

Review Fix: What’s on your musical “Bucket List”?

Jaimen: As I described earlier, I feel like I have so much to share and for me, even if it sounds cliché, the sky is the limit. I feel blessed and super happy to have finished this production, but I can’t wait to go into the studio again and record more! But first of all, I want to tour, ideally around the world. This way I could continue fulfilling my biggest desire besides making music: seeing as much from this world as possible!

Review Fix: What have you learned about yourself musically through this album?

Jaimen: The list of things I learned through this album is super long, both musically and personally. Once again making music has proven to me that you can make it best if you have a great team behind you, and, if you love what you do.

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