WWE Main Event Coverage: More Teasin,’ Less Pleasin’

Three matches and the development of the Seth Rollin and Dean Ambrose feud made for a lukewarm episode of Main Event this week. At this point, much like NXT, Main Event should be used more to develop more of the mid-card and under-exposed young stars. While this is what was done this week, it needs to be done with a bit more excitement. Standard matches and tiny drips of storyline just aren’t enough.


WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Curtis Axel an Ryback: After a kick to Axel’s face, Jay Uso hit the Top-Rope Splash for the win.

Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder vs Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater: A decent back and forth that ended after a top rope Powerslam from Slater on Kidd.

Dean Ambrose vs Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio had the upper-hand until Rollins joined the party and got the match thrown out.

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