Joe Danger Review: Same As it Ever Was

Race down the track as fast as possible while performing as many stunts as you can in order to beat the clock and get the high score. “Joe Danger” is one of the three free Vita games up for grabs this month for Playstation Plus subscribers, and it’s well worth the download.

Originally a PSN exclusive back when it first released in 2010, “Joe Danger” has since made its way to XBLA and iOS before finally getting a version on the Vita. Released on the Vita just a couple of weeks ago, Sony bumped up incentive and made the game one of this month’s freebies for PS+ subscribers. Unfortunately, the Vita version doesn’t lend to Sony’s notion of cross-buy, so getting this version doesn’t also net you the PS3 version (or vice-versa).

The game is largely the same as it ever was. However, being the latest version to come out, it is the definitive version without any room for doubts. Featuring over 80 levels, a cast of 25 playable characters, a level editor, as well as online leaderboards; this iteration of “Joe Danger” comes chock-full of content that will keep you coming back for more.

The developers at Hello Games have also teased that the sequel, “Joe Danger 2: The Movie” will also be making its way to the Vita soon enough. For now though, this iteration will just have to keep gamers satiated while they wait, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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