Review Fix Exclusive: The 69 Cats’ Danny B. Harvey Talks ‘Bad Things’

Review Fix chats with The 69 Cats’ guitarists Danny B. Harvey, who discusses the band’s new EP, “Bad Things,” which is currently available via Cleopatra records. An EP full of awesome, horror-inspired old-school rock and roll tracks, The 69 Cats’ sound will be instantly recognizable and cool to anyone who grew up with Saturday Morning cartoons, Nestle Quik- and the Misfits.

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Review Fix: How would you describe the band’s sound for someone who’s never heard you guys?

Danny B. Harvey: It’s Rock’n’Roll, pure and simple, you can come up with clever descriptions like “Dark Rockabilly” or “Gothabilly” but in the end it’s just rock-n-roll with rock tracing all the way from Elvis to Bauhaus.

Review Fix: You guys all have a plethora of experience in different bands, how does it all come together?

Harvey: We all work together pretty seamlessly. Jyrki and I share the same love for music that covers many genres and we seem to like the same artists and songs from different eras. I’ve worked with Chopper on many occasions in the past and have been recording and touring with Clem Burke since the late ’80s as a rhythm section- they’re my mates .

Review Fix: What’s your pitch for this album? What do you think makes it different?

Harvey: “Elvis meets Bela Lugosi on the Lost Highway.” I think it’s different for the simple fact that we pick songs  that aren’t necessarily from the rockabilly genre and  songs you wouldn’t expect to hear us performing let alone rocking out on them.

Review Fix: What track has the best story behind it?

Harvey: “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” was an interesting song because Bauhaus  never performed it live the same way. It’s always improvised and spontaneous, we didn’t want to copy one of their performances of it because we thought they wouldn’t be original or respectful to the song. Instead  wrote and original “Horror Surf” instrumental and had it seque into Bela Lugosi’s dead. When we performed the song at The Viper Room in LA for the first time, Bauhaus’ original drummer was in attendance and afterwards told Jyrki and I that it was the best version outside their version he’d ever heard.

Review Fix: What track do you think people might originally pass on, but will get them hooked after multiple listens?

Harvey: “Werewolves of London” I think seems odd to people at first but after a few listens they become addicted.

Review Fix: How do you want this album to be remembered?

Harvey: As the best Rock’n’Roll CD ever! Also want it to be remembered as the CD that the best slow “horror Surf” instrumental “Necromance for Guitar”  first appeared on spawning  the countless covers that are sure to follow.

Review Fix: What are your goals as a band moving forward?

Harvey: We’re already discussing songs for the next CD, expect it to be similar but with a few major surprises.

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